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Queen Rearing and Mating Nuc

Queen Rearing and Mating Nuc.680


Little Creek Bee Ranch O.T.S. Queen rearing

This is #3 of 4 video on Sustainable Beekeeping. O.T.S. means, On The Spot Queen rearing. It is vital, that you learn how to prompt the workers to make a few …596


Queen Rearing Cell Punch Kit (Tutorial)

This video is a tutorial to my queen rearing cell punch kit. In this video you will learn how to raise queen bees very easily. So follow along and if your interested in …348


Michael Palmer style nuc boxes – beekeeping, queen raising

I built some nuc boxes, similar to what Michael Palmer uses. They are 8 1/8" wide, so 2 of them fit side by side on a 10 frame box. I can’t wait to try them.113


raising queen bees

an old time bee keeper shows how queen bees can be raised.648


Setting up the queen starter colony – Michael Palmer method.

Today I set up a starter colony for raising queen bees. I am following the advice Michael Palmer gave in Great Britain in his speech at the National Honey Show.231


Queen Rearing – Part Two

In this video we will show you how we set up a queen-right hive, graft larva, and reverse our cells. All of this footage was taken at Indian Summer Honey Farm.359


Queen Rearing – How To Make A Queen Cell Builder – Part I

Part I of how to raise quality queen cells in your own apiary. I’ll take you through the steps of setting up your own cell builder; from separating the queen from the …912


Cloake Board Queen Rearing

This is a overview of the Cloake Board method of queen rearing.997


FatBeeMan 1 Minute Tip Very Easy Queen Making

Don has yet another way to make queens. The method could not be easier.250