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Beekeeping, Part 3: Harvesting a swarm

A five-part instructional video on beekeeping. In part 3, a swarm is harvested from a tree branch and placed in a new hive box. Produced by Max Lindegger, …425


Flow hive honey harvesting on a self sufficient ranch in Hawaii

Meet Paul and his Bees. They live in a solar powered paradise on Hawaii. His hives are so productive his supers have been filling every 2 1/2 weeks! Traveling …212


Honey Harvest over Khmer New Year

Rafter Beekeeping in Cambodia, at its best! 15 April 2014… Harvesting honey while out on tour with Will Norman of Global Bees… 3.5 litres off this colony.178


Stingless Bees / Meliponiculture Part 1 – Designing the Beehives & Harvesting Honey!

In part one we start getting a closer look at meliponiculture and we show you the different stingless beehives you could use. We also show you how to harvest …1260


Honey Harvest 16 February 2016

Don’t let the cap (it was a gift) fool you! Beekeeping in Cambodia and USAID have absolutely nothing in common. This short clip tells the tale of a father and his …268


FlowHive Honey Harvest

We bought our first FlowHive and this season we are collecting our first harvest!! Watch and see what our experience was, how to do it, and what to expect if you …827


The Great Honey Harvest

The long awaited Honeybee update video is upon us. Today I’ll break into the top bar bee hive and poke around a bit. Let see what the honeybees have been …615


Beekeeping, Commercial Beekeeper Harvesting Honey, Blowing Bees from Honey Supers

This is the hardest part of beekeeping – collecting the honey on a mass scale. But for anyone interested, here are commercial beekeepers in Eastern Ontario …890


Extracting honey from Honeybees, Uncapping, Extracting, Filtering, Beekeeping

Uncapping, Extracting and filtering honey, as well as the honeybees cleaning out the excess honey left in the supers.264


How Propolis is harvested. Bee Propolis or Honeybee Propolis by beekeeper Tim Durham Sr. WallsBeeMan

Mankind benefiting from Propolis made by the honeybees. Collecting honeybee propolis. Traps & method. Propolis made today like it was 2000 years ago.142