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Apicultura pentru incepatori – Year of BeeKeeping Episode 15 Finding Queen

Beekeeping journal / Lectii apicultura.1808


Beekeeping 2014 Finding the Queen April 17, 2015

Hive #4 Queen found during 1st April inspection.21


Marking a Queen Bee

Finding and Marking a Queen Bee in late summer (Ignore the time stamp on the video)432


Finding and Marking the Queen Bee



Beekeeping Episode 3: Finding The Queen!

"Finding & Marking The Queen" In this episode we are determined to find and mark our Queen! Pleased to say we did in fact find her and all is well with the hive.1625


Caging A Queen Bee

Learn how to mark and cage a queen honeybee. Beekeepers mark queen bees with a enamel paint pen to keep track of their age. Plus she stands out more in …214


Finding the queen in a small colony of honeybees – Beekeeping

Looking for the queen in a small colony of honeybees which I moved from a birdhouse in a ranch close to Rockwall, Texas.499


Beekeeping Video 5

It is day 7 for the two hives. I am checking for queen presence (finding her or eggs or brood). Also, I’ll feed syrup and pollen patties as needed.889


Beekeeping – Queen bee on frame

check out [removed] Queen bee walking around frame and a bee hatching from her cell.87


Beekeeping -My first inspection#1

Here’s a video of my first inspection of The Beeze Bees Hive. The goal: to find the QB (Queen Bee), confirm she’s been accepted by finding brood (eggs) and to …440