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Beekeeping Video 5

It is day 7 for the two hives. I am checking for queen presence (finding her or eggs or brood). Also, I’ll feed syrup and pollen patties as needed.889


Beekeeping – Queen bee on frame

check out [removed] Queen bee walking around frame and a bee hatching from her cell.87


Beekeeping -My first inspection#1

Here’s a video of my first inspection of The Beeze Bees Hive. The goal: to find the QB (Queen Bee), confirm she’s been accepted by finding brood (eggs) and to …440


Honey bees close up tending a queen

This is an HD video I made of honey bees tending a queen bees on new comb. The hive was started approximately 2 weeks before this clip. I used a Panasonic …133


Finding the queen in a hot Mini Plus nuc

This nuc had a late virgin queen, so it needed to be checked before winter. I did not know if she had mated. Bees have been fed quite full, so no need to check …163


How To Trap Bees Out Of Trees

We do about eight or ten trap outs a year. The most challenging part is dealing with the property owner. When the bees start piling up outside the tree or …577


Queen Bee Laying Eggs

How to find the queen in a hive: [removed] I have an observation hive on my desk and sometimes I’m lucky …211


Finding Wild Honey Bees

Bee hunting with Dr Thomas Seeley and Megan Denver. For more information on bee hunting, check out Tom’s new book Following the Wild Bees by Princeton …852


Year of BeeKeeping Episode 15 Finding Queen

Beekeeping journal / Lectii apicultura.1808


Beekeeping Without Buying Bees and how to open feed bees

Curious about how much it cost to start beekeeping? Check this video [removed] Some people …804