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Tag archives for Finding the Queen

Bee keeping

Finding and marking queen bees.721


Victorian Beekeeper

In this episode of Edwardian Farm Alex tries his hand at bee-keeping: first finding help to capture a swarm, later removing queen cells to prevent swarming.384


Large Honeybee hive Split the easy way by Tim Durham

A 3 brood chamber Honeybee hive split so easy. You don’t even have to look for the queen or find her. The deep brood chamber in the middle or center was the …675


Bee Hive Inspection – New Queens!

Main channel CrazyRussianHacker – [removed] follow me on: Instagram – [removed]492


Removing Honey Bees From Brick Column With Smoke – Find the Queen

The bees moved into this brick column only a few days prior. Luckily masons were onsite to cut through the brick. I smoked the bees from below. I watched for the …209


Beekeeping: New Honey Bee Queen Mating Flight Video

This is amazing! I have been filming for five days. This footage is of the third day. Because I split my hive using the queen cells that the bees in the hive made the …222


2011 April 20 Finding an old queen

If a beekeeper needs to replace an undesirable or ageing queen bee, they need to find the old queen. Finding a queen bee is often not easy and this one …664


Apicultura pentru incepatori – Year of BeeKeeping Episode 15 Finding Queen beekeeping

Beekeeping journal / Lectii apicultura albine, apicultura, apicultura incepatori, cum se inmultesc albinele, cum se fac turtele, albine 2017, apicultura 2017, …1808


Find Your Queen Honey Bee

www.honeybeesonline.com Do you have trouble finding your queen in your honey bee hive? Hi, I’m certified master beekeeper David Burns from Long Lane …169


Urban Beekeeping: Uniting the Artificial Swarm

Now that the queen should be emerging in the extra hive I made during the Artificial Swarm it is time to unite it back with the original hive. I had fun finding with …1013