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Manuka Honey – Bee Keeping in New Zealand

From the hive to you. The Manuka Honey story starts with our bee keepers in New Zealand.190


High Country Beekeeping

A documentary I created for my Exploring the Documentary Form class at Appalachian State University and for the Watauga Beekeeping Club in Boone, North …416


Honey Beekeeping or Apiculture Self Employment for Landless and Unemployed Youth | Paadi Pantalu

Express TV the 24/7 Telugu news channel dedicated to Infotainment content. The channel delivers breaking news, live reports, exclusive interviews, political …1484


The Monk and the Honeybee Part 3-5

Broeder Adam Buckfast Abdij.1306


The Blessing of Honey Bees Mongolia ( Side by Side) Documentary Japan

Mongolia, a country with vast nature in East Asia, is putting an effort to the restoration of beekeeping, aiming to activate provincial area. Japan is involved in a .2469


Advance Beekeeping Seminar (interview)

A short documentary about Advance Beekeeping Seminar held by STIARC in Lipa. Special thanks to Miss Aida Luistro. For educational purposes only.218


Vanishing of the Bees – Beekeeping in France

www.vanishingbees.com This is one of the additional scenes from the documentary film Vanishing of the Bees. The documentary brought American Beekeepers …127


Honey Bee Farm – how to start a honey bee farm (in Hindi with English Subtitles)

Honey Bee Farm – how to start a honey bee farm (in Hindi with English Subtitles) How the Farming of Honey bees is done in India. This short Documentary is the …358


Tackling The Global Honey Bee Crisis (2015)

Honey Bees (2015): The world is experiencing a global bee crisis, with Australia the only country not yet affected. With bees responsible for almost a third of the …957


Beekeeping – How to catch bees

You can watch the full documentary at www.SwarmKing.com.33

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