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Tag archives for Beekeeping

apiculture 'The Weapon' With Beekeeper Geert

I made this for my Grandfather. He practices apiculture in The Netherlands.112


Beekeeping Tools Kit

My basic, easy to carry, compact tools kit for beginning beekeepers and seasoned veterans alike.162


Maisemore Poly Hives at the BBKA Spring Convention #Beekeeping Basics – The Norfolk Honey Co.

Maisemore Poly Hives at the BBKA Spring Convention #Beekeeping Basics – The Norfolk Honey Co. I travelled to the BBKA Spring Convention to hold …302


This beginner beekeeper knows the importance of a mentor

Clare was new to beekeeping and realised she needed a mentor to help her with her new hobby. With her mentors guidance she has a kept her hive thriving …196


Beekeeping FAIL – Do Not Install a Bee Package This Way!

Mistakes Were Made. My first bee package installation does not go according to plan. Ultimately, the bees are OK but I learned some hard lessons.380


Splitting a Beehive

In this video I am going to show you how to split a beehive into two beehives. Really exited to do that for the first time. sorry if I make any mistakes I am still new …847


Backyard Beekeeping The 2017 Season is Upon Us

We enter the 2017 season with one strong hive. Thanks for watching.694


A day with an Australian Beekeeper

Rupali Dean from Eat Stay Chill visits an urban beekeeper in New South Wales and learns about the bees and their honey!778


Beginner Beekeeping – First Honey Extraction

First Honey extraction from hive to bottle.1193


First swarm Caught! Moved into NUC Beginning beekeeping in Texas

Moving my very first swarm into its new home. Watch them march into the hive! Moving a swarm into its hive. How to move bees into a hive. Beekeeping 101.770