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4K . Beekeeping Beehive Basics .. Adding a Super .. Beautiful Texas Bees . Lumix FZ300 .

Yes…I am Learning….The Top Board is Reversed, is Upside-Down, and I will correct this…..I added a Super to one of my Beehives today….02-April-2016.130


Beekeeping Basics – How To Use a Honey Refractometer – The Norfolk Honey Co.

Following on from the "Shake" test to see if honey in the super was ready for extraction in this video we use a honey refractometer in the honey room to see what …379


Beekeeping Basics with Bruce Clow – Frame Maintenance.

Ceracell beekeeping knowledge and products. This episode; Frame Maintenance.191


Beekeeping Basics with Bruce Clow – Hive Tools.

Ceracell beekeeping knowledge and products. This episode; Hive Tools.287


Beekeeping Basics – How to create an Artificial Swarm Part 1 2016

One of the biggest worries many beekeepers have is "will my bees swarm?" Here we show you how to use the Artificial Swarm method in beekeeping to reduce …367


Beekeeping Basics – Beekeeping Feeders – The Norfolk Honey Co.

It’s Autumn here in Norfolk UK, still warm and sunny and time still available to feed our honeybees. In this video I show the different types of feeders we have and …493


Beekeeping Basics – Hive Tools – The Norfolk Honey Co.

We take a look at the hive tools we use for our day to day beekeeping tasks including the standard hive tool, the "J" tool and the uncapping fork. Opening a hive …708


Top Bar Hive Basics

These are the basics everyone should know when thinking about Top Bar Beekeeping. It covers the basic ideas developed by Wyatt A. Magnum PhD. Wyatt is …517


#Beekeeping Basics – How to Split a Beehive into 2 Nucs and Parent Colony – The Norfolk Honey Co

Want to raise some new queens? Want to develop more colonies, We show you how with a really simple method of splitting a beehive into two nucleus colonies …674


Beekeeping Basics – Bees Behaving Badly – Update – The Norfolk Honey Co.

Following on from our video about a rather badly behaved honeybee colony that we have been attempting to requeen here we revisit the colony to see how …361