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Old dairy barn bee removal

Finding the queen is alway the challenge when doing a cut out. I got the queen, but unfortunately, I didn’t capture it on video.392


Finding Queens

For more videos, check out the University of Guelph’s Honey Bee Research Centre youtube channel at this link: …629


Beehive Inspection – finding the Queen – Stamford and Bourne beekeepers



Handling Queens and Making Splits the FatBeeMan

Don continues his hive inspection. In this part, Don talks about handling queen cells and making splits wth them.379


Found the queen bee!! Good video of her laying eggs…

So this was my "strong hive" until it swarmed about 2 weeks ago. Since then I had not seen the queen nor any young brood. I did see about 4 queen cells, and …476


Is my QUEEN BEE ALIVE and laying? Brood frame closeup examination – beekeeping 101

Is my QUEEN BEE ALIVE and laying? Brood frame closeup examination – beekeeping 101 We take a closeup view of a honeybee frame of brood removed …306


Keeping honey bees. Finding the Queen Bee in our Hive

We look for the Queen Bee and find her after housing a swarm we captured from our old hive. The swarm was recovered from the garden, see other video.170


Beekeeping – 60 Sec Beekeeper – Test Your Queen Finding Skills – Episode 12

How to start beekeeping. Start with developing the skill of locating your queen. Hi, I’m Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns and let me help you to find the …183


Finding the queen bee / Drone laying queen or laying workers!

There are several ways of finding a queen that is hard to spot. You can use the sandwich method, you can just go through the entire hive or you can always use …395


Finding the Queen Bee – Newbee Beekeeping

The second morning after dropping the new bees into the hive gave us another new experience. The mission was to find out if the bees would accept the queen …71

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