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Bee Hunting: Finding a Wild Colony of Honey Bees

One method of locating a colony of wild bees is called bee lining. In this video, we will join Prof. Tom Seeley as he tries to locate a wild colony of bees.1464


Queen Honey Bee Hatching in my hand!

Bees will surprise us with an amazing thing every time we are around! Today a honey bee queen Hatched in my hand just in the right time!61


Beekeeper VS Yellow Jackets

Never again until next time… or not. I don’t recommend that anyone try doing what I did here. I literally ended up getting stung about 150 times doing this. My wife …1579


National Geographic Documentary Wild – All About Honey Bee – BBC Documentary History

National Geographic Documentary Wild – All About Honey Bee – BBC Documentary History Honey bee [removed] A honey bee (or honeybee) is any …3139


The Greatest Beekeeper in the World

A documentary of a beekeeper.251


Professor Francis Ratnieks honey bee research at the University of Sussex

British honey bee colonies are under threat from pests, diseases and loss of flowers due to land-use changes. Honey bees are the principal pollinator of …175


How to Smoke a Honey Bee Colony – Beekeeping in 60 Seconds

Nathan demonstrates how to properly smoke a honey bee colony during an inspection and explains why beekeepers use smoke. Find Beekeeping in 60 …61


Urban Beekeeping

Wisconsin’s bee population continues to plummet … but some people in our area are stepping up their efforts to help their numbers.198


5 Beekeeping Tips for Very Beginners from a Very Beginner

I’ve had my bees for almost 2 weeks now and I wanted to share some of the most valuable things I’ve learned so far. Take a minute to chill and watch my bees …674


Adventures in Beekeeping Ep 8: Building a Hive Stand with Frame Holder

Step by step instructions into building a Langstroth single hive stand with frame hangers. Each hive stand costs $14 in materials. Material list for each hive stand: …2180

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