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Queen castle – Rearing queen honey bees

If you would like dimensions etc. please email me.409


Nicot Queen honey bee rearing system (tool less grafting)

Nicot method of raising Queens. No need for tools is the main advantage. First introduction to this system with a description of parts and useage. Honeybee …292


Checking Warnholz Mini Nuc's (Nucleus) – Queen Rearing Beekeeping Techniques

A video showing a beekeeper checking a mini nucleus (nuc) for a fertilized honeybee queen. You put sugar syrup in one end of the nuc and a little bit of wax on …287


Micro Scale Queen Production

This video helps teach the most basic queen rearing that anyone can do without having to use special tools, equipment, or buildings. Anyone can do this that …1629


Making Wax Queen Cups For Queen Rearing

What’s better than using your own resources to accomplish what you need? In this video I will show you how to use your own bees wax to make queen cups.216


Queen rearing – 23 virgin queens have emerged.

We netted 22 queens from our video series. 23 if you count the queen I saw emerging from a neighboring colony. That colony had 7 queen cells, so I caged her …120


Raising Queens With A Cell Starter (part 1 queen rearing)

A cell starter is used to raise a large amount of queen bees at one time. First the bees need to be made queen-less in cell starter for a few hours. Then the grafts …171


Queen Rearing – My Nicot and incubator method

Step one of raising queens for me involves finding the queen and getting her into the nicot chamber.132


Getting Started in Beekeeping: 12: Queen Rearing for Beginners – The Norfolk Honey Co. #Beekeeping

Getting Started in Beekeeping: 12: Queen Rearing for Beginners – The Norfolk Honey Co. #Beekeeping This series of videos is designed for the new beekeeper …831


DC Honeybees TV 5-4-13 Queen Rearing With Dr. Larry Connor Day 1

Queen rearing class in Virginia utilizing starter and finishing colonies.1319

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