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How To Make A Spring Split Part 1

How to make a spring split demonstrated by Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns. Join Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns as he opens up one of his …872


Buying a Nucleus Colony of Honeybees Beekeeping Basics – The Norfolk Honey Co.

Buying a Nucleus Colony of Honeybees Beekeeping Basics – The Norfolk Honey Co. When beginner beekeepers start out the first thing they want to do is buy …678


Installing A Package of Bees: Season 3 Beekeeping 2017

Want MORE INFO on Bees?? Check out Okie Rob a seasoned PRO. [removed]341


Swarm of bees lands on box, the queen walks in

www.studiobeeproductions.com It’s always a good day when you catch a swarm, but to be able to watch the queen walk in…..that doesn’t happen often.345


Longest Beekeeping day ever!!!!

This day started much like any other day but ended at 3:30 in the AM!! I don’t think I’ll do two in one day like this again. I did take those queen cells and put them …421


Mt. Perry, Ohio beekeeper

Found the queen and capped brood in the bottom box…this hive had made it through the winter. I treated it with oxyclic acid about 2 weeks ago for varroa mites.218



Prepping the area, building hive stands, getting 2 of my 4 nucs, and setting up my Flow Hives. Follow RC on Instagram: [removed] …286


My Bees Are Dead, Here's Why – Beekeeping 101 – GardenFork

Taking apart a dead beehive to see why the bees died. Watch More Beginning Beekeeping Vids: [removed] Sub here: [removed] A dead …453


apiculture 'The Weapon' With Beekeeper Geert

I made this for my Grandfather. He practices apiculture in The Netherlands.112


Beekeeping Tools Kit

My basic, easy to carry, compact tools kit for beginning beekeepers and seasoned veterans alike.162

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