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Trevs Bees – Trev's beekeeping toolbox.

Beekeeping in New Zealand, for hobbyists and light commercials Proudly sponsored by www.ecrotek.co.nz.1065


Welcome to Suburban Beekeeping

Welcome to Suburban Beekeeping. My name is Davin and I hope to share some insight into what it is like to be a new backyard beekeeper.119


My BeeKeeping Journey – Week 3 Inspection

This is a journal of my first beekeeping experience. The highs, lows, and in betweens. This week, is the first inspection after removing the plastic foundation, and …1046


Setting Up Bee Swarm Trap – Beekeeping

Today I am going to show you how to set up a swarm trap to catch a swarm of bees. This is my first time doing it. hope you enjoy! …boom… Starting Beekeeping …325


Beekeeping – Queen Laying An Egg

Beekeeping means having fun with your hive. Let’s watch a queen lay eggs. Cool stuff. And watch a fight break out between the bees and a small hive beetle.427


Bad Beekeeping Mistake

Today we are going to check on a beehive that we split a month ago. also I am going to use "diatomaceous earth" to get rid off small hive beetle and ants. We are …922


beekeeping book



Beekeeping beginners, The Russell's install their 1st package of Russian honeybees into hive part 1

Installing a 3 lb package of Russian hybrid honeybees into a Langstroth hive. Beekeeping beginners.1458


Beekeeping Day 1



My Entrepreuneurial Beekeeping journey | Mohamed El Adnane Bouaka | TEDxOuargla

Adnane drives us along to his amazing journey with Entrepreneurship and with his Bees plant that he developed. This inspiring story from the heart of Ouargla …720

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