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A day with an Australian Beekeeper

Rupali Dean from Eat Stay Chill visits an urban beekeeper in New South Wales and learns about the bees and their honey!778


Beginner Beekeeping – First Honey Extraction

First Honey extraction from hive to bottle.1193


First swarm Caught! Moved into NUC Beginning beekeeping in Texas

Moving my very first swarm into its new home. Watch them march into the hive! Moving a swarm into its hive. How to move bees into a hive. Beekeeping 101.770


Bee Feeding Frenzy! Beginning beekeeping. Feeding a NUC Colony.

Feeding my new swarm with the only way i can without opening the hive. How to feed a NUC Colony without a feeder. Syrup with a bowl and paper towel.172


1st Beekeeping error of the new season

1st Beekeeping error of the new season. Found and broke down supercedure Queencells during 1st inspection of hive 2 weeks after transfer from over-wintered …150


How to get queen cells from a package of bees

This video explains how you can take a package of bees and force them into producing Queen cells in 10 days and then on the 10th day you can do a split and …403


Beekeeping Basics: Spring tasks

Beekeeping Basics: Spring tasks include hive inspections, adding frames with bee wax foundation, adding supers, syrop feeding and much more. Watch this …428


Fitting Wax Foundation to Cleaned Honey Frames #Beekeeping Basics – The Norfolk Honey Co.

Fitting Wax Foundation to Cleaned Honey Frames #Beekeeping Basics – The Norfolk Honey Co. Fitting new foundation into recently cleaned beehive frames is …447


How Do Bees Make Honey?

how bees produce honey in hindi or urdu lessons beekeeping for beginners.294


Hobbyist Beekeeping – Lesson 3: Tools for Beekeeping


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