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Honey Bees and Beekeeping 6.2: Extracting honey

Presented with permission of the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education. To purchase the complete "Honey Bees and Beekeeping" television …456


Winter Beekeeping Episode 2: last good day

I do one last check on my hives before winter really sets in.460


BEEKEEPING: Resurrecting a LONG TIME Dead Bee Hive.

This hive died out over a year ago & nothing was done about it.593


Trevs Bees – Trev's beekeeping toolbox.

Beekeeping in New Zealand, for hobbyists and light commercials Proudly sponsored by www.ecrotek.co.nz.1065


Welcome to Suburban Beekeeping

Welcome to Suburban Beekeeping. My name is Davin and I hope to share some insight into what it is like to be a new backyard beekeeper.119


My BeeKeeping Journey – Week 3 Inspection

This is a journal of my first beekeeping experience. The highs, lows, and in betweens. This week, is the first inspection after removing the plastic foundation, and …1046


Setting Up Bee Swarm Trap – Beekeeping

Today I am going to show you how to set up a swarm trap to catch a swarm of bees. This is my first time doing it. hope you enjoy! …boom… Starting Beekeeping …325


Beekeeping – Queen Laying An Egg

Beekeeping means having fun with your hive. Let’s watch a queen lay eggs. Cool stuff. And watch a fight break out between the bees and a small hive beetle.427


Bad Beekeeping Mistake

Today we are going to check on a beehive that we split a month ago. also I am going to use "diatomaceous earth" to get rid off small hive beetle and ants. We are …922


beekeeping book


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