Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
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How to enable Dark Mode on your Android smartphone

How to enable Dark Mode on your Android smartphone

As you can see in the chart above, using white at the same brightness levels consumes several times more power than displaying black. Guess which one was better on battery life? This is where Google shows how well Night Mode is at conserving power. The Pixel's current draw was 92mA, while the iPhone 7's was 230mA. While black uses the least power and white uses the most, Google found that blue used 25 percent more power than green or red.

Google went on to acknowledge the prevalence of white in its apps and the way it pushes devs to use it, but there could be a method to its madness.

Are you a techie who knows how to write? Material came about three years ago. Starting back in the Android M beta (later Marshmallow), Google included a dark mode toggle that changed the settings and system UI from white to dark gray. "We kind of shot ourselves in the foot slightly in terms of power", Banes said. This can save up to 43% battery usage during video playback and 60% when paused (with the phone set to 100% brightness). Are you a fan of the Dark mode?

After Banes, Alan Viverette then took to the stage to talk about how devs should embrace dark mode and went into detail on how they can implement it.

Results between the two phones were comparable in Normal Mode, though results showed a much greater disparity with Night Mode. With OLED screens, each pixel lights up independently, which is why dark mode helps preserve battery life.

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Google is giving developers tools to push users into updating their apps.

The number is derived from malware detected by Google Play Protect scans, which covers both applications distributed through its Play Store, other app stores, and sideloaded apps.

Despite the fact Files Go was only released last December, Google says that it has already managed to amass over 30 million monthly users. There is another reason for Google to bring the dark more, i.e. the smartphones with AMOLED panels will be saving battery life while in the dark mode.

Android's announcement of its Foldables technology was also a summit highlight, with the company highlighting its support for the forthcoming Samsung device that was previewed this week by Samsung Senior Vice President Justin Denison at the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference.

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