Published: Sun, November 04, 2018
Worldwide | By Victor Meyer

Trump Backtracks, Says Troops Will Not Fire On Migrant Caravan

Trump Backtracks, Says Troops Will Not Fire On Migrant Caravan

President Donald Trump ordered troops to the border in response to a caravan of migrants slowly making its way through Mexico toward the United States - still about 900 miles away with many dropping out.

"Migrants seeking asylum will have to present themselves lawfully at a port of entry", Trump told reporters at the White House, painting a caravan of migrants travelling from Central America toward the United States as a risky threat.

Trump has ramped up his tough stance on illegal immigration in recent days, specially targeting a Central American caravan of migrants making its way through Mexico to the US' southern border.

Trump also told ABC News that the migrant caravan group was much larger than the numbers reported, and predicted what looked like a group of impoverished women and children was actually "a lot of young people, lot of young men - they are pushing the women right up to the front - not good - and the kids right up to the front".

"The military has all of a sudden been placed in a highly politicized environment regarding immigration", retired Lt. Gen. David Barno, who commanded US forces in Afghanistan, said of the surge of troops to the border.

Trump said people apprehended entering the USA illegally would be held in tent cities on the Mexican border that he said are under construction by the military. Our military fights back. "Immigrants have built that country", she said.

Trump's comments Thursday were widely criticized as an authorization for troops to consider stone-throwing proportional to the use of a firearm, and respond with equal levels of lethal force.

He said that his administration is finalising a plan to deny asylum to migrants who cross into the U.S. illegally, a move that would be sure to draw legal challenges should it come to fruition.

The offer of buses to Mexico City and the subsequent reversal came after the migrants' request for buses to the capital were ignored by the Mexican government days earlier when they were in Juchitan, Oaxaca state.

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Trump referred to the movement as an "invasion".

According to the former military men, some of whom spoke with the Washington Post, the president's plan to send as many as 15,000 troops to the southern border to guard against a caravan made up of immigrants nearly a 1,000 miles away is, in a word: "wasteful".

"If our soldiers - or ICE or Border Patrol - are going to be hit in the face with rocks, we're going to arrest those people quickly and for a very long time". Well, we're not releasing them into our country any longer. If the military's assessment is accurate, it would mean the United States is positioning five soldiers on the border for every one caravan member expected to arrive there.

The 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, which was originally passed to prevent federal troops from policing voting in former Confederate states, restricts the use of the armed forces to enforce laws. However, the number granted asylum has hovered around 5 percent.

The complaint alleges that President Donald Trump is violating the Flores Agreement by detaining children in tents without the proper facilities as required by the law. Late Wednesday, he promoted a racially charged advertisement on Twitter showing an undocumented immigrant who killed two police officers in California smirking and boasting in court as the words "Democrats let him into our country" and "let him stay" flash across the screen.

Trump openly threatened to massacre the caravan of workers and peasants escaping war and poverty in Central America.

Twelve Honduran nationals are named as plaintiffs in the suit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

He brought up immigration issues several times during a political rally Thursday night in Columbia, Missouri. "We want them to come into our country", he said.

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