Published: Sun, November 04, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Samsung has registered a new brand of displays for the Galaxy X

Samsung has registered a new brand of displays for the Galaxy X

According to the new leak, the fingerprint reader designated for the Galaxy S10-series is going to be measurably faster than the now existing optic ones but more importantly, it's will cover a larger area of the screen. While some rumors from earlier this year suggested Samsung may be combining the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges, the technology juggernaut said it has no plans to do so in the immediate future.

Having seen internal documents that confirm several LG prototypes are finally coming to life, Engadget reports that the company will be revealing a rollable OLED TV at CES 2019 ― as well as its own folding smartphone. A new leak has now shed light on the possible Indian pricing of the camera-centric Galaxy smartphone.

Galaxy S10 is such a highly anticipated smartphone that you can see its name pop up on every forum filled with tech enthusiasts. Samsung has really outdone itself this time and the in-display selfie camera will make Galaxy S10 significantly better than all of Apple's latest iPhones which ship with a display top-notch.

Samsung launched the world's first smartphone with four rear cameras at its '4X Fun' event held in Malaysia last month. Additionally, he continues to confirm that the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S10 will be the only biometric feature on the phone. On the outside, there's a 4-inch display that appears when the phone is folded.

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Are you a techie who knows how to write? And since Samsung's fiscal calendar ends on 31 December, it may mean that these new sensors may make an appearance in next year's phones. The newly launched mid-range phone which is packed with many features is now out with the approved agreement from FCC and certified by the WiFi Alliance ahead of what appears to be an imminent U.S. release.

According to the recent leak a day head of the India launch of Galaxy A9, Samsung is all set to surprise Indian consumers with the jaw-dropping price of Galaxy A9.

Of course, we will still have to wait for some kind of confirmation from Samsung, as for now all we have are just the rumors.

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