Published: Wed, October 31, 2018
Finance | By Gustavo Carr

Trump loads up on rallies before election day

Trump loads up on rallies before election day

On Wednesday, Trump will campaign for Republican candidates in Fort Myers, Florida and the next day he will head to Missouri.

Despite wall-to-wall Trump campaigning, Republicans can not even come close to overcoming the financial onslaught from Democratic candidates during this cycle.

Today marks one week until the midterm elections.

Trump will also visit Cape Girardeau on Monday, the day before the November 6 election.

The report by the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign money, found that candidates and allied groups have spent $4.7 billion so far and will probably exceed $5.2 billion by the time the election season ends. In the months leading up to October, Republicans have largely lagged in ballot polls until recently as voters have "come home" following the Kavanaugh allegations.

Warren is the heavy favorite in her Senate re-election campaign against Republican candidate Geoff Diehl. Adjusted for inflation, that would be $4.1 billion. Both the developments have given the opposition Democrats an edge over the Republican.

Florida's gubernatorial race has increasingly received national attention, especially after Gillum's impressive showing against DeSantis during last week's debates. Democrats are in better shape.

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The memo says Trump has raised $83 million for House candidates running for re-election this year, and that he has campaigned with House candidates in 18 competitive or open seat districts since August 1.

On Saturday 11 people were shot dead in a mass shooting inside a Pittsburg synagogue.

"I don't think the math adds up for a change".

The Republicans have raised far more money for legislative elections than the Democrats.

Some Republicans also acknowledged that their party's "problems right now are with suburban women, and these developments in the last week affect them more than other demographic groups", said Jason Roe, a Republican consultant. "We are really focused on 2020 and building an infrastructure". Democrats are hoping the answer is "yes".

"There's a lot of talk about a Democratic fundraising advantage, and we still clearly haven't learned our lesson that state legislature elections are going to determine the future of not just our party, but our democracy", said Ben Wexler-Waite, communications director for Forward Majority, which works to flip state legislatures blue.

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