Published: Wed, October 31, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

IOS 12.1 Group FaceTime Compatibility: Will Your Device Support It?

IOS 12.1 Group FaceTime Compatibility: Will Your Device Support It?

If you've got one of these devices, head into Setting General Software update to download iOS 12.1. This brings a handful of new features, like Group Facetime, dual SIM support, camera improvements, new emoji, and more.

Cook highlighted a few features shipping in 12.1, most notably a Group Facetime feature that will support a whopping 32 simultaneous participants.

For iPhone XS and XS Max owners, there's now a fix for the automatic skin smoothing on selfies, and you can adjust the depth of field before you take a portrait mode shot.

The company originally announced the group Facetime feature, supporting up to 32 people, at its developer conference WWDC, back in June.

iOS 12.1 is available from Tuesday, October 30 for the iPhone (from iPhone 5S and later), the iPad (from iPad mini 2 and later) and even the 6 generation iPod touch.

Apple also introduced depth control for portrait photos for the new iPhones, at the launch.

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The dual-SIM functionality for iPhone "XR", "XS" and "XS Max" will go live when the iOS point update sees release. During a group call, Facetime will automatically detect the active participant and bring them to the forefront.

Group FaceTime is integrated into Messages, so you can initiate a group call from within that app.

"If people in a conversation have already started a FaceTime session, Messages shows the active call in the conversation list and inside your conversations", said Apple. A simple tap also brings a participant front and centre.

The latest version of Apple's iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 12, is out.

Ringless notification: When calling more than one person, FaceTime displays a notification that lets you instantly join a call without being disruptive. New emoji will also be available on Apple Watch and Mac with a free software update.

The three new iPhone models launched this year support dual SIM technology on an iPhone for the first time and will allow consumers to have two active connections. In addition to the built-in physical SIM, as of iOS 12.1 you can add a second line to your phone via an eSIM.

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