Published: Wed, October 10, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Microsoft Project xCloud Brings Xbox Games to Phones, PCs

Microsoft Project xCloud Brings Xbox Games to Phones, PCs

Mobile is only one part of gaming, and with Google already heading to the PC gaming market with Project Stream.

An Xbox game-streaming service of some kind was first teased by Microsoft at its E3 2018 press event in June.

The company demonstrated its work on the service so far in a video showing Forza and Halo, games created to be run on an Xbox One console, being played on Android phones and tablets.

Microsoft has announced its new game-streaming service "Project xCloud" which will let Xbox players stream straight to other devices including phones and tablets. Microsoft has been hinting at such a platform for quite some time, but on Monday, the company officially announced Project xCloud, giving us a glimpse at a service that will begin public testing next year. Microsoft believes they can deliver a high-quality experience that doesn't suffer from latency or quality issues, and they've been investing heavily in cloud tech for years to achieve this.

According to an official press release, Project xCloud is now in the development testing phase, but public tests will begin sometime in 2019. According to the video caption, what we're seeing in the example video is actual gameplay footage streamed to the Android phone via Project xCloud.

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In the case of mobile devices, the company is working on a new touch overlay in case you don't have a controller handy.

Either way, I can't help but circle back to the fact that Microsoft looks to be positioning itself as a service provider more and more: Game Pass, All Access, and now a streaming service that could take hardware totally out of the equation. Although it's likely more complicated than just mashing a bunch of Xboxes together, Microsoft is deploying these blade servers to data centers around the world which already house Microsoft's Azure system.

Announced via his website's blog, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Kareem Choudhry revealed Project xCloud, the service that's meant to allow gamers to be able to stream games across all Microsoft platforms.

Microsoft says its goal with Project xCloud is to bring the console gaming experience to everyone. It's also developing ways to combat latency, with current tests running at 10 megabits per second. The company promises a console-like experience on all devices.

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