Published: Tue, September 25, 2018
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General election would be ‘people’s vote’ says Labour chancellor

General election would be ‘people’s vote’ says Labour chancellor

But shadow chancellor John McDonnell warned on Saturday that a second referendum could stoke racial tensions and far-right populism.

"There was consensus in the room opposing the Tories' chaotic approach to the Brexit negotiations...and that a general election should be called as soon as any deal is voted down by parliament".

Rather than committing the party to supporting a new referendum, the motion states that "if we can not get a general election, Labour must support all options remaining on the table, including campaigning for a public vote".

Bookies have slashed the odds of Theresa May winning any upcoming general election - with ranking Corbyn at 5/1 to become Prime Minister.

Lewin added: "I wanted more for Remain Labour supporters and other grassroots campaigners, but we have a motion that effectively calls for Labour to support the EEA as a minimum, rejects the idea of a referendum exclusively on different forms of Brexit and increases the chances of a People's Vote".

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will be "bound" by the decision of party members in a vote on Tuesday. "I really welcome this announcement from the NEC today, I think it's absolutely essential that we have got a woman somewhere near the top of the party".

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the "real people's vote" would be a general election.

It came on the eve of a crunch vote on Tuesday at the Labour conference in Liverpool where party splits are expected to be laid bare.

A People's Vote campaign spokesman said the conference motion was "clear movement" towards adopting a referendum.

When the issue was discussed on the Sunday TV political shows Mr Corbyn said he had no intention of vacating the leadership and prominent female MPs in the party said they had not even considered applying for the co-deputy role.

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Labour's conference starts today as a YouGov poll revealed 86% of members want a second referendum on the United Kingdom leaving the EU.

"We weren't ruling out options and nobody was ruling out Remain".

"If the government is confident in negotiating a deal that working people, our economy and communities will benefit from, they should not be afraid to put that deal to the public".

He added: "We've now got to turn up the noise until we secure a public vote which gives us the option to remain in the United Kingdom".

May says she will hold her nerve in the talks, pressing the European Union to come up with an alternative proposal to her Chequers plan, named after the prime minister's country residence where a deal was hashed out with her top ministers in July.

"What comes out of conference I will adhere to".

For those pressing for a second referendum, or a People's Vote, the motion was little more than a fudge.

"We're respecting the referendum".

He added: "We do have to take a long, hard look in the mirror before we commit to something that is going to sow the seeds of division".

He stressed the party was deliberately not being "prescriptive" about the question that could be posed in another referendum, and was "certainly not ruling out" the option to stay in the EU.

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