Published: Fri, September 21, 2018
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Kim Jong-un wants second summit with Trump says South Korea's Moon

Kim Jong-un wants second summit with Trump says South Korea's Moon

South Korean President Moon Jae-in, first lady Kim Jung-sook, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his wife Ri Sol-ju attend a luncheon at Samjiyon Guesthouse in Ryanggang province, North Korea. US President Donald Trump signaled his goodwill and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he wants to meet his North Korean counterpart in NY.

United States officials said the ambiguity about what Washington was supposed to do for the North to close its nuclear complex at Yongbyon gave Kim room to argue that Washington had not done enough for North Korea to follow through on its pledges.

There were also agreements on inter-Korean relations such as a joint Olympic bid.

Trump responded to news from the summit by saying he was "very excited", while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States was "prepared to engage immediately" with North Korea to move dialogue ahead.

As the highest mountain on the Korean peninsula at about 2,750 metres above sea level, Mount Paektu is the mythical origin of the Korean people, featuring in South Korea's national anthem and various North Korean propaganda. North Korea has been demanding a declaration formally ending the Korean War, which was stopped in 1953 by a ceasefire, but neither leader mentioned it Wednesday as they read the joint statement.

North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un committed Wednesday to permanently shut down a key missile site under the supervision of foreign inspectors.

"It's always North Korea that's done the heinous acts, so it's the USA and Seoul which should be demanding actions first from North Korea, not only to fulfill the requirements under the 11 United Nations resolutions, but also to prove North Korea doesn't have any more hostile intent".

At the summit, South Korean Minister of National Defense Song Young-moo and First Vice Minister of People's Armed Forces of North Korea No Kwang Chul signed a comprehensive military agreement to halt military exercises along the military demarcation line by November 1 and remove 11 guard posts in the DMZ by year's end.

"The North Koreans are offering gestures that mimic disarmament", arms control expert Jeffrey Lewis tweeted. Although he has made a meaningful gesture of goodwill in returning USA troops' remains from the Korean War, the evidence that Kim has begun the denuclearization process in earnest is messy at best.

North Korea pledges to close down key missile test site
North and South Korea Vow to Denuclearize, Co-Host 2032 Olympics

"The North Koreans are in the game to get, not to give", Daniel Russel, a former USA senior diplomat for East Asia, told Reuters news agency in July.

Kim and Moon raised their clasped hands aloft on the crater rim and the South Korean president expressed hopes many of his countrymen would follow in his footsteps.

As a concession to the US, Pyongyang refrained from displaying its most advanced ballistic missiles during a huge military parade marking its 70th anniversary as a nation earlier this month.

Scott Snyder, director of the U.S. -Korea policy program at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the United States. In return, the North said it was seeking "corresponding measures" from the U.S.

"Such measures should be taken in a balanced manner between North Korea and the United States", he said.

On Wednesday, North Korea agreed to close down its nuclear center at Yongbyon. "Many, particularly in Seoul, are advocating relief or release from sanctions".

At the summit, the two Koreas agreed on plans to resume economic cooperation, including working to reconnect rail and road links.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has delivered a speech to a massive North Korean crowd gathered for mass games, calling for the rival Koreas to end seven decades of hostility and build a future of peace and prosperity.

"He's calm, I'm calm - so we'll see what happens", Trump, who a year ago threatened to destroy North Korea, told reporters.

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