Published: Sat, September 15, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Google is Killing Off Inbox by Gmail in March 2019

Google is Killing Off Inbox by Gmail in March 2019

Apparently, this won't come as a surprise for many, though the app has its own fair share of fans out there.

Google says that it "learned a lot about how to make email better" from Inbox, and now with the "popular Inbox experiences" ported over to Gmail, the company wants to "focus exclusively on Gmail".

For users, making a move from Inbox to the original Gmail app won't be a hard task. It's also migrated numerous app's features over to the standard Gmail app over time, therefore rendering Inbox obsolete to an extent. Rather, it can well be considered a planned move given that numerous features that Gmail has recently been provided with happen to be sourced from Inbox.

"This native capability is easier to use and performs better than the Gmail Offline Chrome app, so we're removing it from the Chrome Web Store after December 3rd, 2018", the company wrote in a blog post.

But now Google is calling time on the app, likely because it hasn't really kept the app updated over the years and a lot of the features Inbox introduced have made their way over to Gmail. After reading an email, you didn't delete or archive it, you just marked it "Done". What that means is that the email can be revoked at the expiration of a set date.

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"Email started simply as a way to send digital notes around the office".

Email snoozing: This is one feature that is gaining a lot of attention these days-a lot of email services are now adopting. "We've brought popular Inbox features to Gmail helping 1B+ people get more done".

Google launched Inbox in 2014 as an experiment to try and change the way email was supposed to be used.

Because of this, and to maintain a "more focused approach", Google will shutter Inbox by Gmail and focus entirely on Gmail.

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