Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
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NY primary: governor Andrew Cuomo defeats Cynthia Nixon

NY primary: governor Andrew Cuomo defeats Cynthia Nixon

Nixon has hit Cuomo hard on the subway, attacking him for his deals with Republicans and for taking donations from Trump in the past, claiming that she represents a grass-roots call for change. "That's why we play the game and why we have elections".

Cuomo followed up by saying he reached out to Democratic officials to "make sure it doesn't happen again", and he repeated those comments again on Monday.

Still, it appears Cuomo isn't in a celebratory mood ... or at least, he doesn't feel like celebrating with the state Democratic Party, which heavily backed his campaign. Schwartz, who has been a close confidante of Cuomo since the pair first worked together in 1994, then signed off on it, and the New York Democratic Committee Paid $11,000 to print and distribute it, reported the New York Times. One customer confronted Nixon who assured them she knew what she was ordering. Nevertheless, a former state Democratic Party chair said based on her experience there was "no way" the mailer was sent out without the "explicit consent" of Cuomo or his senior staff. The influx of truly left-wing state senators could shift NY dramatically to the left. By now, his failure to do so creates a liability among voters on the left.

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Despite enthusiasm for Nixon in some quarters and on social media, Cuomo held substantial leads against Nixon in the polls. Though she's always been an activist for her favored causes of education and same-sex marriage, running for office is new to her.

Nixon went further, pushing for single payer health care, drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants, higher taxes on the rich, and a massive boost in education spending. Ethics reforms and "the fact that all of these sexual harassment are being handled by panels by men in Albany" also show Cuomo's weaknesses, Dawidziak said. I think the mailer was a mistake.

The former Sex and the City star became the talk of the Twittersphere yesterday, when a video emerged of her ordering a cinnamon raisin bagel with smoked salmon, red onions, capers, tomato and cream cheese at Zabar's - an order that offended bagel and lox purists. "The new voices that we've seen rising up in places around the country, it's a question whether they're a statewide force or just concentrated in some urban areas" Cunningham said. Cuomo denied all knowledge of the mailer's contents. Nixon's campaign was quick to note Thursday that the governor shelled out upwards of $16 million since July while, conversely, Nixon was mostly backed by small donors.

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