Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
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Apple launches Watch Series 4

Apple launches Watch Series 4

Before the event unveiled the new watch, Cook boasted on the Apple Watch for being the no. 1 smartwatch - and no. 1 watch in general - in the world, praising its breakthrough technology that helps people "stay connected, be more active and live a healthier day". With this in mind, the next generation of the Apple Watch was presented: the Series 4. What makes it different from Series 3 and Series 2? Let us dive into the matter.

The company is doubling down on the large screen with the XS Max expected to be 6.5 inches, according to, and the update to last year's iPhone X - the iPhone XS - at 5.8 inches.

Detailed display specifications indicate that the resolution has been also increased, but that was surely done to compensate for the greater screen area. The Series 4 also has a next-gen accelerometer and gyroscope with up to 2x dynamic range and up to 32 g-forces. The peak brightness level of 1000 nits is also being retained.

How the Series 4 (right) stacks up to the Series 3 (left) The Series 4 feels larger, but it's also slimmer than the Series 3, which feels bulbous by comparison.

To be extra clear, the Apple Watch Series 4 is created to work with any existing wristbands.

A ton of new features, and a little price bump.

In addition, the agency leaders described how a broad swath of new companies have begun investing in digital healthcare opportunities, including through ride-sharing apps and virtual home assistants-and may not be fully versed in navigating the regulatory landscape. The "digital crown" that controls certain elements of the watchOS UI now offers haptic feedback for more precise adjustment and scrolling, too.

Apple Watch Series 4 Will Come in 40mm and 44mm Sizes
Apple announces Watch 4, will come with ECG, Fall detection and more

Apple Watch Series 4 with Global Positioning System started at $399 and the cellular model will start at $499. The Apple Watch EKG, which has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, works by passing a current through your chest after you touch the crown of the device.

While the smartwatch does not boast the larger case sizes or reduced bezels present in the newly-announced Series 4, it will be upgraded to watchOS 5 when it releases. These not only track your activity more precisely. It detects electrical heartbeats in the wrist and allows you to take an ECG in just 30 seconds. These new health features will be available for United States customers later this year.

The Series 4 is available to preorder on Friday, Sept. 14, and goes on sale in stores and online on Friday, Sept. 21.

The debut of the new Watch line comes just days after Apple said in a letter to the US government that proposed tariffs on goods imported from China could raise the price of Apple Watches and other Apple products. With a few hardware-related exceptions, of course - the ECG app, for example, will land only on the Series 4.

"Apple watch can now screen your heart rate in the background and detect if users are suffering from arterial fribrilation, or an irregular heartbeat which could indicate certain health issues".

Previously, the Apple Watch Series 3 was listed at RM 1461 for the 38mm model while the bigger 42mm was priced at RM 1602.

Topol noted that a similar product - AliveCor's Kardiaband, a band for the Apple Watch - offers EKGs and received FDA clearance previous year. All three will feature the new A12 Bionic chip, improved cameras and longer battery life.

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