Published: Sat, September 08, 2018
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How To Watch Mercedes EQC EV's Unveiling Live Stream

How To Watch Mercedes EQC EV's Unveiling Live Stream

What's possibly a little surprising is that the EQC is styled much more conventionally than the Tesla Model X, and it also looks more like a regular SUV than the Jaguar does too. However, Mercedes-Benz seemed to have second thoughts about the driving range communicated for the US - perhaps after criticism that 200 miles didn't quite cut it.

All EQC's are equipped with a water-cooled onboard charger (OBC) with a capacity of 7.4 kW, making it suitable for fast AC charging at home or at public charging stations. The new EQC will be integrated into ongoing series production as a fully electric vehicle.

We hope the production auto in 2020 can outperform Mercedes-Benz's range prediction; when so many consumers grade BEVs on how far they'll go on a single charge, the EQC gets fewer miles-per-kWh than logical rivals like the, Tesla Model X, and.

The production model will establish in Bremen next year.

Mercedes has shown how it is aggressively aiming for the top spot in the upscale battery cars market, now dominated by Tesla, as it unveiled its first fully electric vehicle at an event in Stockholm.

It seats five and looks like other small crossovers in the GLA family but with a more sloped roofline and a muted rear end. Upon its arrival in a showroom, in Stockholm, Sweden, this Tuesday, it would officially mark as the day that Tesla has finally met its match in the premium battery cars segment. Earlier this year, Mercedes discontinued the B250e, a small electric hatchback of sorts, because of lack of sales.

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Total maximum driving range on the EQC 400 for the European version will be 279 miles, according to the 52-page press release Mercedes released for the occasion. A 650 kg lithium-ion battery with an energy content of 80 kWh supplies the vehicle with power.

Mercedes-Benz has published its latest - and apparently final - videotizer crossover EQC.

"The EQC has a close link to [the similar-sized] GLC, but for some of the future EQ models you will see more distinct design", said Heinermann. The small electric SUV is due in showrooms in 2020 and in basic guise should offer around 200 miles of range.

The subsidiary of Daimler says the EQC, which has two electric motors, will have a range of more than 450km.

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The vehicle will mark the debut of the automaker's electric "EQ" marque and will be available in the U.S. in 2020.

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