Published: Thu, September 06, 2018
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McDonalds poster prank goes viral

McDonalds poster prank goes viral

YouTuber Jev "Jevholution" Maravilla pulled off a convincing prank in a McDonald's, where he created a promotional poster of his own design and installed it without the staff noticing.

The fake McDonald's poster that 21-year-old student Jevh Maravilla shared on Twitter on Monday is the absolute ideal example of this.

In June, Maravilla and Toledo went to work on their poster.

That was almost two months ago, and the poster has been up ever since.

Since being posted on August 2, the video had been viewed more than 314,000 times as of September 4.

Brynn Shuller of Burbank, Calif., tweeted that she and her friends slipped photos of themselves into picture frames for sale at a Walmart. "I needed one friend to record and two friends to help me hang it up". Then they made their move. "I was very, very nervous", Jevh said. Then we took a pic with our pic in the frame and put that in another frame!

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"Asian representation in media is not as prevalent as it should be", Maravilla told KPRC Click2Houston. "Remember folks, all races deserve recognition and I guess I did my part", Maravilla said.

After the incident McDonald's applauded the duo for their creativity. So, they hung up a photo of themselves in a Texas restaurant.

The stunt has since gone viral on Twitter, with more than 560,000 likes and 140,000 retweets to date.

His Youtube video about it has also been watched by thousands. One of them even dressed up as a store employee instructing his pals to put up the poster, which hasn't been removed since July 13.

Christian Toledo and Jevh Maravilla, from the Houston-area, noticed the lack of Asian representation at their local McDonald's at 2815 Business Center Dr. The BBC has approached the company for comment.

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