Published: Wed, September 05, 2018
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Democrats disrupt start of Kavanaugh hearing with protest over withheld documents

Democrats disrupt start of Kavanaugh hearing with protest over withheld documents

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, described Kavanaugh as one of the most qualified nominees he's ever encountered. "Judge Kavanaugh is a decent man and should be confirmed". If all goes as Republicans plan, Kavanaugh could be on the bench when the court begins its new term on October 1.

Matt already debunked one controversy to arise from the Brett Kavanaugh hearing Tuesday.

But on Tuesday, Democrats were finally given a chance to tell the public why they are so intent on reviewing certain documents. Kavanaugh doesn't need Democratic support if all Republicans vote for him.

Protesters interrupted the proceedings from the beginning, shouting "This is a travesty of justice", "Our democracy is broken" and "Vote no on Kavanaugh".

"We have to confront an uncomfortable, but important question about whether President Trump may have selected you, Judge Kavanaugh, with an eye towards protecting himself", Coons said.

There is a long history of heated fights over US Supreme Court nominations, with anger in both parties. Flake said he shares the concerns of his Democratic colleagues that Kavanaugh's nomination comes from an "administration that doesn't seem to understand and appreciate separation of powers and the rule of law".

He would replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy who was appointed by Ronald Reagan but proved to be a staunch defender of abortion and gay rights. As Grassley continued to try reading his opening statement, every other Democrat on the committee, with the exception of ranking member Dianne Feinstein, who stayed above the procedural fray, followed Harris' lead, calling for the hearing to be adjourned because they lacked the necessary information to make a decision.

Senate Democrats staged an aggressive bid Tuesday to slow the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as fury over a selection that could tilt the nation's top bench to the right for a generation exploded on Capitol Hill.

Kavanaugh, now a circuit judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, will also praise his colleague Judge Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama's unsuccessful Supreme Court nominee.

Abortion-rights activist Karen Nicholls confronts anti-abortion leader the Rev. Flip Benham in 2001 during protests by the two groups at a Wichita Kan. medical clinic operated by Dr. George Tiller who performed abortions
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The Senate is likely to vote on confirmation by the end of September.

That's far more than for any previous Supreme Court nominee, but millions of pages have been withheld. So whatever the validity of their request, it's not going to change their minds about elevating the appeals court judge.

Kavanaugh topped a list of 25 potential nominees put together by the White House in conjunction with conservative groups such as the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation.

Republicans also have released some but not all of the existing documents concerning Kavanaugh's two years as a lawyer in the White House Counsel's office prior to becoming staff secretary.

"Their motives are clear", said Sen.

The California Democrat said senators in her party would participate in the hearings under a "silent protest" against the White House's conduct in the matter.

Kelly Jean Kelly wrote this story for VOA Learning English with reports from the Associated Press and VOA News.

Trump jumped into the fray late in the day, saying on Twitter that Democrats were "looking to inflict pain and embarrassment" on Kavanaugh.

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