Published: Sat, August 11, 2018
Finance | By Gustavo Carr

Stolen Alaska Airlines plane crashes after unauthorized takeoff from Seattle-Tacoma airport

Stolen Alaska Airlines plane crashes after unauthorized takeoff from Seattle-Tacoma airport

The Sheriff's Department said it was "not a terrorist incident".

SeaTac confirmed the plane crashed after being piloted by an employee.

Witness reports and videos posted on social media showed the plane making a loop, then flying low over a body of water, trailed by at least one fighter jet.

According to the Seattle Times, air traffic control, who referred to the man by what is believed to be his first name, tried to encourage him to land. He knew something was off, he said Friday night.

Ketron Island has few residents. Moments later they heard an explosion.

The wooded area is hard to access, and because there are no fire engines on the island, everything has to get to there via ferry, Adams said. "Oh they probably have got anti-aircraft". No one was injured on the ground, authorities said. The employee was a "ground service agent", according to Alaska Airlines.

A Horizon Air airplane was stolen from SeaTac Airport on August 10, 2018 and crashed on Ketron Island where it sparked a fire. No passengers or crew were on board. More information as we learn more'. The crash sparked a brush fire that has since been contained. "The remnants from the flames from the fire that was started when the plane crashed".

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"Oh, Richard", said the controller, "We're not going to worry or think about that". We have police boats, we have everybody responding. Radar showed that it flew in circles above Ketron Island before going down so maybe the pilot was trying to find a landing zone. "We are sending resources and people".

Two military F-15s were scrambled to chase the stolen plane, but officials said the jets were not involved in the crash.

The airport said normal operations at the airport, which sits between Seattle and Tacoma, had resumed.

The Seattle FBI are now understood to be on the scene and have taken over the investigation.

Waldron said he was prepared to "run and take cover".

He told them, "Those guys will rough me up if I try and land there". "Never really knew it until now".

Two F-15s were scrambled from OR to give chase to the plane. He knew something was off, he said. John Waldron was walking along a trail near the bay when he noticed the two military jets following a plane that appeared to be doing acrobatics. He didn't hear the crash, but saw smoke.

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