Published: Sat, August 04, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Samsung says 'hello to super power' with Galaxy Note 9 ad

Samsung says 'hello to super power' with Galaxy Note 9 ad

An official video from Samsung, spotted by SamMobile, showcases a Yellow colour S Pen stylus alongside the Blue variant of the Galaxy Note 9. The video starts with the back panel of the device with the text in front of the device reading "Meeting the new super powerful Note". The new S Pen is also shown, described as "All new powerful S Pen", but no specifics are given. The Note 9 is set to be the most-expensive smartphone of the country.

The truth is, though, for productivity and entertainment powerhouse devices like the Note 9, having big internal storage space in the armoury is very desirable.

Before the launch of the Note 9, the flow of leaks became more of a flood, with a variety of new colours leaked overnight.

The release of the Galaxy Note 9 is fast approaching, and Samsung just can't seem to keep a lid on the phone. We're not far away from launch, as the product will launch August 9. Galaxy Note 8 had the fingerprint sensor placed on the right side of the cameras. We don't usually report on unconfirmed rumours, but it is said that the phone might come with a 4000mAh battery, which represents a 21% increase over the Note 8's 3300mAh capacity.

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However, the South Korean tech giant left the page up for several hours before taking it down, thus, ensuring its latest "accident" was there just long enough for everyone to see, according to the Forbes. The video was eventually pulled down, but was downloaded and then reuploaded to YouTube for us all to see.

Lastly Samsung advertises "all-day battery" with the new phone.

Meanwhile, in a separate leak, the phone's price too has been revealed.

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