Published: Sat, August 04, 2018
Entertaiment | By Kelly Sanders

‘I like Mike!’: Trump disses LeBron James

‘I like Mike!’: Trump disses LeBron James

In the tweet, Trump also appeared to take sides in the LeBron James vs. And he's rejecting the premise like an opponent's ill-advised layup.

Prior to that, Donald Trump referred to LeBron as both a "great player and a great guy", as record states.

James has been critical of the president and his administration in the past, and his dislike of CNN has been well established.

"Rather than criticizing [LeBron James], we should be celebrating him for his charity work and efforts to help kids", Kasich, a frequent critic of the president, tweeted Saturday morning.

Trump's reference to "Mike" is an apparent nod to National Basketball Association legend Michael Jordan.

He has repeatedly said that anyone who kneels during the anthem should be fired.

The focus now switches to how the four-time MVP will respond, if he responds at all, to the President's petty insult. The school will be created to benefit at-risk children.

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"For me, everything where I grew up was on top of the refrigerator", he explained.

Instead, the Lakers star retweeted a photo of kids at the I Promise School ― a public school for at-risk kids that LeBron recently opened ― with the comment, "Let's get it kids!" But it's from this existence that his "I Promise School" has been born. One person who was apparently up late watching it: President Trump. "The president in charge now has given people, they don't care now ― they throw it in your face now", he said.

Asked by Lemon about the prospect of entering politics after his playing days, James at first dodged the subject like so many defenders throughout his career.

"You would never, you don't want to talk to him?" "And really don't give a f-- about the people", James said. I know why. Some of y'all need to start believing what he is showing you.

As of Saturday morning, James remained silent on the matter.

And of course, no cycle of Trump shade is complete without Pete Souza, the former White House photographer for President Barack Obama, weighing in with a deep cut from his archives.

- Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) August 4, 2018LeBron is a smart dude (and one of the most thoughtful athletes we have) - this is a bullshit tweet and feels more than a little racist.

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