Published: Thu, August 02, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

YouTube dark mode is finally rolling out to Android users

YouTube dark mode is finally rolling out to Android users

The dark theme was introduced previous year for the desktop version and then introduced to iOS users in March. Many wanted the dark background to make nighttime YouTube viewing easier on the eyes.

Back in May previous year, YouTube rolled out Dark Mode (or Dark Theme, whatever you want to call it) for its desktop site. It applies to every page that was previously white, including settings, searches, and so forth. The new update brings the much-awaited dark mode for Android users.

Over the weekend, some lucky users began to see the dark theme appear in their YouTube app's settings and while it is by no means widespread, it is progress. Well, a darker interface can be more pleasant to the eyes, especially if you're in a dark room.

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With this new update, users would be able to switch between dark and light themes, just by going to the General settings of the application, and then selecting the desired mode.

This dark theme appears to be on a staged rollout, and should hopefully roll out to all Android users eventually. Dark mode is really one of those features you didn't know you wanted until you use it. It was then revealed that the mobile apps would get it as well starting with the iOS version.

The video playing app is also testing an Explore feature according to Tom Leung, YouTube's director of management. The new color scheme is more of a dark gray tone than purely black so is more of a toned down theme than what is typically considered a full dark mode.

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