Published: Mon, July 30, 2018
Worldwide | By Victor Meyer

No answers in new report on flight MH370’s disappearance

No answers in new report on flight MH370’s disappearance

In a report on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 released on Monday, investigators said the plane's controls were likely to be deliberately manipulated to take it off course.

Grace Nathan, a lawyer whose mother, Anne Daisy, was on the plane, said: "We hope that these mistakes will not be repeated and that measures are put in place to prevent them in the future". "It has been established that the air turn-back was done under manual control, not autopilot.we can not rule out unlawful interference by a third party".

"We can not rule out unlawful interference by a third party", such as someone holding the pilots hostage, he said.

The only thing that confirms that the vast Indian Ocean is where the plane's journey ended is parts of wings (Flaperon), and fragments from the engine cowlings and others, found on the shores of Mauritius, the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion, Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa.

MH370 safety investigator-in-charge Kok Soo Chon shows the MH370 safety investigation report booklet to the media after a news conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia July 30, 2018.

The investigation had been described as a "final report", but in his opening remarks Kok said, "This is not a final report".

Within this time the aircraft had left the range of radars visible to the KL ATSC and investigators also noted that within one minute of the last transmission from MH370, "Good night Malaysian three seven zero" by Capt Zaharie, the plane had vanished from the Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) display.

The report from the official investigation team pointed to failings by air traffic controllers and suggested the Malaysia Airlines plane was likely diverted from its flight path manually, rather than due to a mechanical fault.

"I'm not ruling out anything, but there were two psychiatrists in my team and they were responsible for examining the audio recordings of the pilot and they concluded there was no anxiety and no stress in the recording, it was just normal", Kok said.

They say the report only highlights mistakes and guidelines that were not followed.

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The inability to locate MH370's crash site has fueled conspiracy theories and online debates over the last four years.

Investigators said the plane was airworthy and the pilots were in a fit state to fly, and dismissed the theory that the plane had been taken over remotely to foil a hijacking.

Intervention by a third party could not be ruled out, it said, but also added there was no evidence to suggest the plane was flown by anyone other than the pilots.

Loke said the investigation team was given full freedom in conducting the investigation and the report was released unedited.

Officials said Monday's report is still not a final accounting because the plane hasn't been found. Malaysia's government has said it is open to resume searching if credible evidence of the plane's location emerges.

It was the second major search after Australia, China and Malaysia ended a $200million hunt across an area of 120,000 square kilometres a year ago.

Air traffic controllers did not initiate emergency procedures in a timely fashion, delaying the start of the search and rescue operation, it said.

After initial search efforts by several militaries failed to find the plane, Australia led a search in the southern Indian Ocean.

The majority of passengers on board were Chinese.

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