Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
Worldwide | By Victor Meyer

Sanctions to remain until North Korea 'final' denuclearisation: Mike Pompeo

Sanctions to remain until North Korea 'final' denuclearisation: Mike Pompeo

Pompeo shrugged off the statement Sunday following separate meetings with the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea - although he didn't disagree with the nature of the U.S.'s "gangster-like" requests. "If I paid attention to the press, I'd go nuts and I refuse to do that".

He said North Korea understood that denuclearization must be "fully verified" and "final".

It calls into question the U.S. effort to extract concessions from Pyongyang and underscores a vast difference in the way the two sides view the agreement between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore last month.

"We thought that the US side would come with a constructive proposal which accords with the spirit of the DPRK-US summit meeting and talks", it added.

In practical terms, Pompeo mentioned only that officials from both sides would meet on July 12 to discuss the repatriation of the remains of some USA soldiers killed during the 1950-1953 Korean War.

As they began their talks on Saturday, Kim Yong Chol alluded to the fact that Pompeo and his delegation had stayed overnight in Pyongyang.

The top USA diplomat continued to describe his conversations with senior North Korean officials as "productive", even as North Korea attacked the US negotiating stance.

The 1,200-word statement, attributed to an unnamed Foreign Ministry spokesman, outlined North Korean thinking at length.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, reacting to a provocative statement from North Korea, said that if Washington's demands were "gangster-like", then the world is a gangster. -North Korea summit in Singapore, President Donald Trump declared the North was no longer a threat and would hand over the remains of American soldiers.

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Trump's suggestion that China was behind North Korea's tougher stance on denuclearisation talks echoes a comment by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on Sunday.

CVID stands for the complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of the North's nuclear program, an oft-cited demand by Washington for Pyongyang.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reported progress and said a hard road lies ahead, but the North accused him of "gangster-like" diplomacy after he left Pyongyang.

Pompeo said the North Korea diplomats "did not push back" in his discussions with them in Pyongyang.

"Clearly, we see some posturing particularly from the North Korean side using the leverage that they have, especially in the lead-up to Trump's visit to NATO and his big summit with [Russian President] Vladimir Putin in the coming week", said Hilary Mann Leverett, a former White House official. "But this expectation and hope of ours was so naive as to be gullible", the statement said.

A Pentagon team would be meeting with North Korean officials around 12 July at the border between North and South Korea to discuss the repatriation of remains, Mr Pompeo told reporters.

On Sunday, Iowa GOP Senator Joni Ernst said the US should restart its military exercises with South Korea if talks don't continue.

The regime's belief that the weapons are needed to deter a U.S. attack dates back almost 70 years to the still-unresolved Korean War, and will take more than a handshake to dispel. But for political considerations, including the fight for control of Congress in November elections, would Trump make a deal?

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