Published: Sat, July 07, 2018
Sport | By Floyd Cook

Without his overtake of Raikkonen, Verstappen never would've won

Without his overtake of Raikkonen, Verstappen never would've won

Vettel, a single championship point clear of the Briton, set a best lap of one minute and 27.552 seconds to edge out Hamilton by 0.187 seconds.

"Every driver is different, and I've never worked with Lewis so I don't know what makes him tick, but it seems a fairly freakish thing for someone to need to do - to throw themselves under the bus to motivate a driver to go from fourth back into the lead", Horner said.

Hamilton and Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas both did not finish the race. It's true that they are very, very strong around here and you'd expect them to be very strong tomorrow. We're in for a serious fight, which is great for the fans.

Hamilton and Vettel could barely be separated at a sun-blessed Silverstone yesterday with Hamilton's time from first practice proving the quickest of the day just ahead of his rival, who edged him for the fastest time in the afternoon session. The Spaniard finished 2.835 seconds slower than Hamilton.

"So they have never been in a position - or the management of the team has never been in a position - where they have had to go head to head through an entire season, and of course the closer you get towards the end of the year the more the pressure builds". The Ferraris are really fast. "It's got to be the best track in the world, it's really ridiculous - it's flying a fighter jet around the track".

Ricciardo had his own trip through the gravekl trap on the exit of Luffield while minute slater Raikkonen also ventured off the track after thumping the kerb at Brooklands. We haven't seen much yet, obviously we collect a lot of data but there isn't much time between sessions. "That would be very good news".

Hamilton said that he anticipated there would be an accident with the new DRS zone - and that he told Mercedes team manager Ron Meadows to raise the issue with Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting.

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"The track is the fastest it has ever been", said Hamilton.

"As soon as we got the auto back that evening we had a fix designed and put into test-mode". Fernando Alonso took McLaren to eighth place, which was an unexpected result given that he started from the pits.

"With the speeds we're going now and the G forces we're pulling, I think it's going to be the most physical race of the year".

"The bad is that, one, I always think countries seem to waste money when they resurface the tracks".

"What's the penalty for missing the press conference on Saturday?" "Is it negotiable? I want to be watching the game", he smiled.

Hamilton also revealed that he is planning to travel to Russian Federation to see the World Cup final next weekend.

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