Published: Sat, July 07, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

The Folding Samsung Galaxy X May Come Before the S10, Not After

The Folding Samsung Galaxy X May Come Before the S10, Not After

Most notably, it's reported that the Gear S4 (the name of which will be changed to Galaxy Watch) will be powered by Wear OS, formally called Android Wear. Compared to the 14.07 trillion won profit from last year's second quarter, Samsung's performance improved, but it failed to reach the market's estimate of $15.2 trillion won, as pointed out by Yonhap.

Revenue likely came in at 58 trillion won ($51 billion), a decrease of almost 5 percent from a year earlier. Well, at least in terms of the best-selling smartphones list from Counterpoint's Market Pulse survey for May 2018.

After almost a year of breaking profit records, Samsung has today released earnings guidance for Q2 with a notable dip attributable to lackluster Galaxy S9 sales.

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Bloomberg notes that Samsung's OLED sales to Apple for its iPhone X have also been weaker than expected, despite Apple having flogged 52.2 million phones in the second quarter. Samsung is expected to post its finalized earnings report later this month.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S10 in February 2019. I am eager to make foldable phones because their impact on the industry will be very big.

CHIPPING AWAY While the smartphone business struggles, Samsung's profits are being driven by strong global sales of DRAM and NAND chips which account for about a third of its revenue. According to Pocketnow, the key aspects of the flagship's design were undecided even in mid-April; all we heard was that the screen might actually be comprised of two displays that come together when the device is opened up. Furthermore, the report asserts that the Samsung SDI is developing a foldable phone with V-shaped battery.

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