Published: Thu, July 05, 2018
Entertaiment | By Kelly Sanders

Netflix testing new Ultra subscription tier

Netflix testing new Ultra subscription tier

Towards the end of previous year, Netflix raised its prices in the USA, with the most expensive option (Ultra HD, 4 screens) increasing from $11.99 to $13.99. The main difference between Premium and Ultra, according to Variety, is the availability of HDR, also known as high dynamic range, which "provides more vibrant color reproduction and higher contrast". discovered that the test is also available in other European countries including Germany, which offers the new Ultra plan for €19.99 (around US$23).

Netflix is testing a higher price "Ultra" plan that will sit above the current Premium plan.

The Netflix Ultra plan is a somewhat misleading one. The existing plans are: Basic (€7.99), Standard (€10.99) and Premium (€13.99).

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As you can see in the image below, the rollout of the Ultra plan would seemingly halve the number of concurrent streams from four to two for Premium subscribers. That may sound exciting, but there's a downside: other plans might be losing screens, making this new pricing structure a sort of price hike in disguise.

Not all Netflix subscribers will see the test and the company may not ever offer the specific price points or features being tested, Saran said.

If you purchased a new television recently, there's a better-than-good chance that it is a 4K Ultra HD set, as those have become the norm, and not the exception.

Netflix is yet to announce the new feature officially, so drop your pitchforks for the time being. Now this plan has not officially launched yet, but Netflix is currently testing it as an option for some subscribers. Pricing and feature details could change - hopefully for the better. However, to do so by removing features from their most loyal customer's packages rather than enticing them to pay more with new innovative feature seems a cynical move.

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