Published: Thu, June 28, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Permit Patty: Woman 'calls police' on eight-year-old for selling water

Permit Patty: Woman 'calls police' on eight-year-old for selling water

Twitter user @_ethiopiangold and Instagram user @ladyesowavy shared the original video of Ettel appearing to call the police on the 8-year-old girl, a relative of both.

But she earlier told Huffington Post that she had "pretended" to call the cops.

Ettel said she wished she hadn't brought up the permit issue when confronting Austin because she only wanted Austin and her daughter to quiet down. "I never expected all of this to come from me posting a video of a woman who was harassing my daughter", she wrote.

The girl's mother, Erin Austin, told CNN affiliate KGO that the video was taken shortly after Ettel came outside and confronted them.

'I did not want to see the police because I was scared, ' she said.

Alison Ettel, a white woman who lives nearby, became annoyed by what she said was constant yelling about $2 water bottles for sale outside her window.

The white woman who went viral for threatening to call the police on a black child selling water outside of her apartment building has since apologized. She too went viral after calling police and telling a 911 dispatcher that black people were using a charcoal grill in a "non-designated area in Lake Merritt park".

"This woman don't want a little girl selling sell some water".

"I think she's a bully", said Austin.

On the surface of things, being able to call the police is an absolute must in any modern society worth its salt. Horrible, horrible images and death threats.

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Ettel told HuffPost that she was working from home and that Rodgers was continuously screaming outside.

"On my property", replies the woman filming the video.

People uncovered Ettel's identity soon after the publication of the videos, which were viewed more than 8 million times on Instagram and Twitter in just two days. "I had been putting up with this for hours, and I just snapped".

She said the incident left her "heart wrenched" and acknowledged in an interview with SF Gate that she regretted her actions.

"Extremely excited because I have never gone", Jordan said. SF Gate reports that a spokeswoman for the San Francisco Police Department said officers have had no recent contact with an 8-year-old girl.

A spokeswoman for the company, which sells cannabis-infused medical products, said "this decision, while not an easy one, is in the best interest of [the company's] patients".

"We just can not support someone who behaves in such a way", Magnolia manager Ruby Pearl told KTVU on Monday, despite the products doing very well at her shop.

Jordan Rodgers' entrepreneurial efforts were anything but thwarted because she went out the next day and made bank.

"To the child, I am so sorry that you're even dealing with this", she said.

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