Published: Tue, June 26, 2018
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INTERNATIONAL - Prince William begins historic Middle East visit

INTERNATIONAL - Prince William begins historic Middle East visit

In an interview published Sunday in the Arabic language Al-Quds newspaper, Jared Kushner appealed directly to Palestinians and criticized Abbas, who has shunned the Trump team over its alleged pro-Israel bias, particularly on the fate of contested Jerusalem.

Kushner and Greenblatt's trip to Jerusalem followed a regional tour that included Jordan and Egypt - Israel's neighbours and peace partners - and Qatar, a Gulf state that has helped fund humanitarian aid to Gaza. Palestinians seek east Jerusalem as the capital of a future state. He was referring to the USA "deal of the century" on how to forge peace in the Middle East.

Khaled added that the USA administration provides an open cover for these aggressive criminal policies and reached the level of legislation to kill peaceful demonstrators and thwart attempts to obtain a resolution to protect Palestinian people at the Security Council, while the overwhelming will of the global community, as expressed by General Assembly resolutions, and worldwide legitimacy.

On Wednesday, he will meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, in the West Bank.

While the details of the so-called deal of the century have not officially been released, leaks have suggested that the Palestinians would initially control the Gaza Strip and less than half of the occupied West Bank, while a Palestinian capital would be created from villages surrounding Jerusalem.

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the United States envoys during their meeting that he was ready to meet Gaza's needs through the Palestinian Authority's tax and customs revenues Israel collects on its behalf.

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Kushner added that the Middle East peace plan is nearly completed, but did not elaborate on its details, the AP reported.

It said, in an official statement, that the Israeli army killed 131, and 14,811 were wounded, including 7,975 treated in hospitals and 54 had their either upper or lower limps amputated. When asked whether these points were in his peace plan, Kushner said he didn't want to "speak about specifics of the deal we are working on".

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict typically looms large, even during largely ceremonious visits, and William will have to maneuver carefully to avoid missteps.

Al-Ayyam said well-known Israeli lawyer, Felicia Langer, who was among the first to defend Palestinians in Israeli courts, has died at age 88 in Germany, where she lived after leaving Israel escaping harassment and threats from right-wing Israelis.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Sunday accused the Hamas terror group of orchestrating the recent surge in "fire kite" attacks, calling it a deliberate and calculated effort by the group to threaten Israel.

The U.S. plan is expected to propose solutions to core issues in dispute between the Israelis and Palestinians, such as borders, the future of Israeli settlements, the fate of Palestinian refugees and security. Palestinian leaders have demanded an apology for the Balfour Declaration, the seminal 1917 letter from the British foreign secretary that endorsed the creation of a Jewish state.

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