Published: Sat, June 23, 2018
Worldwide | By Victor Meyer

Catholic priest slaps infant across the face before baptizing him

Catholic priest slaps infant across the face before baptizing him

The man and woman are recorded attempting to pull the baby away from the priest. I'll scream louder than you, OK?

Internet users are confused, anxious and appalled at the priest's actions, with one person writing, "That was uncalled for".

Warning: This video contains violent content that may be disturbing and upsetting to some viewers.

The priest, by now visibly annoyed, then holds the baby's face in his hands, looks it in the eyes and slaps it hard on the cheek with his left hand.

Things escalate when the child becomes increasingly distraught - prompting the priest to tell the crying toddler to "Calm down, calm down" repeatedly before slapping the child on the face. The slap occurs about 22 seconds into the video.

The child's shocked relatives take the baby out of the clergyman's grip after he slapped it.

Other French-speaking Reddit users have tried to translate what's being said in the video. Seems like he was getting frustrated.

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The user captioned the clip saying, "This happened today in France, I'm really shocked".

"I wonder how many millions of kids suffer inappropriately aged "discipline" like this behind the scenes in religious families who believe this is biblically sanctioned, though", One woman wrote.

The father then pulls the child away.

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Catholic priest, Reverend Father Lucien Ambunga, who was inflicted with the deadly Ebola virus, survived it.

This isn't the first baptism video to cause controversy, with one Greek orthodox priest's enthusiastic technique coming under fire.

It's unclear whether the priest has been charged or if further action was taken by the child's parents.

Orthodox baptisms are usually done "forcefully" but many online commentators have criticised the priest's rather rough approach. Wouldn't want him christening my child'.

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