Published: Mon, June 18, 2018
Sport | By Floyd Cook

Russian Federation 2018: Mexico stun defending champions, Germany

Russian Federation 2018: Mexico stun defending champions, Germany

Mexico sprang the ideal trap for confident and overwhelming pre-game favourites Germany on Sunday to take advantage of the champions' defensive weakness in their opening match at the World Cup.

Mexicans jumping in jubilation on Sunday shook the ground hard enough to set off natural disaster detectors and throngs danced in the streets after their team scored a surprise victory over World Cup defending champion Germany.

Seismologists at Mexico's official natural disaster authority reported ground movements on at least two sensors inside Mexico City at the exact time of the goal, recording an acceleration reading of 37m/second squared.

With talk back home of a "historic victory" and sombrero-wearing supporters brightening and deafening the summer streets of Moscow, Mexico can dream of going better than a consistent record of reaching the last 16 of the last six World Cups and a couple of quarter-finals.

South Korea will play against Mexico June 23.

If that doesn't demonstrate just how big of an emotional release the goal was, nothing will. Germany is widely expected to contend for the World Cup again, while Mexico is not among the favorites. It is the only way we know how to play.

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"We did not find any solutions to their game in the first half", the Real Madrid player told German broadcaster ZDF. While Mexico has twice hosted the World Cup, and last week won a joint bid with the US and Canada for the 2026 games, its team has never progressed beyond quarterfinals showings in 1970 and 1986.

"We will not change our match plan because if we are able to play out our ideas then we have players who can deliver".

"When it came to passing, we were a bit negligent, which is quite unfamiliar when I look at this team".

Serbia and Costa Rica traded chances in the first half.

Twice has this fate befallen Argentina, who lost their opening match after both of their trophy wins, in 1982 and 1990, with Italy stunned 3-2 in 1950 by Sweden. "In the second half we were better, Mexico got exhausted, but we did not score, although there were enough chances for at least one".

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