Published: Fri, June 15, 2018
Worldwide | By Victor Meyer

IG Report: No 'Confidence' Peter Strzok's Decisionmaking 'Free from Bias'

IG Report: No 'Confidence' Peter Strzok's Decisionmaking 'Free from Bias'

The investigation expanded to touch on an array of politically sensitive decisions by officials including Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. But it also found there was no evidence that Comey's or the department's final conclusions were motivated by political bias toward either candidate.

The inspector general discovered a smoking gun, and, if we are to believe our eyes, couldn't see clearly whether there was a bullet in it. Peter Strzok, the FBI official who was a major player in the investigation into Mrs. Clinton's private email server reveals just how the FBI was conducting the investigation. "I'm talking about Strzok and Page, the head of counterintelligence, not a minor figure, what he was texting to his mistress".

The report has always been expected to criticise the FBI's handling of the Clinton email probe, stepping into a political minefield while examining how a nonpartisan law enforcement agency became entangled in the 2016 presidential race.

A recently retired FBI agent, who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity due to the current nature of their work, said "when Comey made his announcement four days after Lynch essentially recused herself from the investigation - following the tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton - he broke from 108 years of FBI protocols and regulations". "Right?!" the lawyer, Lisa Page, wrote to Strzok.

Democrats said the report shows "that the FBI's actions helped Donald Trump become President".

But in October 2016, less than two weeks before Election Day, Mr Comey sent members of Congress a letter disclosing that the probe was being reopened after new emails were found on the computer of the husband of top Mrs Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

President Donald Trump claims a politically biased bureau tried to undermine his campaign and, through the later Russian Federation investigation, his presidency.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation continues to move closer towards the President's inner-circle.

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The Justice Department has issued a stinging rebuke to the FBI for its handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Still, he wrote that "the conduct by these employees cast a cloud over the entire FBI investigation". Comey told the Inspector General he assumed Clinton would win and did not want her presidency to seem "illegitimate".

Comey has said it makes him "nauseous" to think his actions may have affected the outcome of the 2016 election, but he maintains that he did what he thought was right at the time.

Former FBI Director James Comey testifies on Capitol Hill in May of past year.

"We found no evidence that Comey's public statement announcing the FBI's decision to close the investigation was a result of bias or an effort to influence the election", the report says. Investigators still had a lot to say, however.

In July 2016, Mr Comey held an unusual news conference to explain why the Federal Bureau of Investigation would not be recommending criminal charges against Mrs Clinton over her use of the private server for some official business.

"The FBI should not have spoken publicly about the case after recommending against criminal charges", the two Democratic leaders said. "But he neglects to mention or explain the IG's finding that Comey himself used personal email for official business", Fallon posted to Twitter on Thursday. "And we accept its findings and recommendations".

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