Published: Fri, June 15, 2018
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California 3-Way Split Initiative Qualifies For November Ballot

California 3-Way Split Initiative Qualifies For November Ballot

For the first time since before the Civil War, voters across California will decide in November on a proposal to split up the Golden State - potentially remaking it into three new states: Northern California, California and Southern California.

Draper's measure proposes dividing California into "Northern California", including the Bay Area, "Southern California", including Fresno, Bakersfield and San Diego, and "California", which would be comprised of the greater Los Angeles area. The initiative did not qualify for the ballot. California Secretary of State Alex Padilla will certify the initiative as qualified for the November ballot on June 28, his office said Tuesday. If "Southern California" sends two Republicans to the Senate-and "California" and "Northern California" send four Democrats-then the partisan balance remains the same as today, with Democrats having a two-senator edge.

"B$3 ecause the newly created "Southern California" state could easily vote for a Republican presidential candidate (as noted above, Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama in 2012 in this region) and give its 18 or so electors to a Republican, then Democrats would run a serious risk moving from a 55-0 advantage in California to something like 41-18", said Mr. Amar in a September 8 post on Verdict.

If voters approve the measure, it would still have to be ratified by Congress.

Texas would split into five states to regain that power.

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According to the Cal 3 website, partitioning the state would also allow state legislatures to make better and more sensible decisions for their communities. "States will be more accountable to us and can cooperate and compete for citizens". "And risk aversion looms large in these matters, which helps explain why no new states have been added to the United States in over 50 years, and no new state has been created out of an existing state for more than 150 years", he wrote. The plan calls for the state to be divided like this: North of Monterey would be the state of Northern California. He backed proposals in 2012 and 2014 to create six California states, but both initiatives fell short of gathering enough valid signatures.

Steve Maviglio, a consultant and critic of Draper's efforts, charged that the plan would lead to "political chaos", charging that it would cost each of the new states millions, the Chronicle said.

The reasons for wanting to split California up?

On Facebook, we asked Californians if they agree? State filings show he paid consultants and law firms almost $560,000 past year for work related to the proposal.

"Awesome, Cal 3 right", said Tim Draper. "Three states will get us better infrastructure, better education and lower taxes", he wrote.

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