Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate includes every character ever - plus Snake and Ridley

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate includes every character ever - plus Snake and Ridley

"Perfect Shields" have also been adjusted, now requiring more precise timing to negate incoming damage.

Nintendo just closed its E3 2018 presentation today and the clear victor of the event are fans of the Super Smash Bros. fighting game franchise. Let's see a full recap of what the company shared with us during Nintendo E3 2018 conference. Considering what fans were quite reasonably expecting, though, this one came to a bit of a sudden, surprising halt. Yes, right now. The game is free, but there is premium currency for sale that can unlock better gear. So when a new one comes out, I want it to build on the old one and completely replace it.

For fans of Nintendo and the company's huge roster of colourful video game characters, it's an ultimate dream come true. Even more exciting, is the fact that both titles will be available to download later today through the Nintendo Store. They're kitted out with their standard Splattershot weapons, as well as other favourites like the roller and the pain brush.

Octopath Traveler, the latest title from Square Enix, is finally nearly done. A new title card screen pops up before each fight, showing large portraits of each character before the battle begins.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate focuses on refining almost every aspect of the gameplay.

Trinen continued that Nintendo's goal this year is 'focusing on the near-term, ' but promised they'll have 'more to share with Metroid Prime 4 when we have something we think is going to wow people'. Thanks to Ridley's nimble aerial attacks (plus a whole lot of luck, given how rusty I am at the game) I emerged victorious against the likes Inkling, Zelda and that ol' mainstay, Mario. There's a new Mario tennis game; a new version of Mario Party, the addictive multiplayer interactive board game that was first released in 1998; a new version of the Fire Emblem role-playing game; and a new Super Smash Bros. Smash stages that focus on verticality in the past have tended to be too big.

After that, we take a good 15 minutes to talk about the characters in depth, detail their special abilities and mechanics. New recipes and cooking tools make things far more complex than before, including sushi and dumplings.

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