Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
Finance | By Gustavo Carr

IHOP reveals the mystery of IHOb

IHOP reveals the mystery of IHOb

On Monday, IHOP announced that it was changing its name to "IHOb," with the "b' denoting burgers". A release from the company said the letter "p" in IHOP was flipped "for the time being".

In the latest Wendy's tweet to go viral, the fast-food chain burned the International House of Pancakes after the breakfast joint rebranded itself to the International House of Burgers on Monday. "Lunch follows (with 28 percent) and then dinner (16 percent) and late-night service (seven percent)".

The report goes on to say that IHOP will be adding a variety of new menu items to their popular lineup, including a "Big Brunch burger with bacon, a fried egg and browned potato on top".

IHOP teased its customers for a week on social media, saying it would be renaming its iconic restaurant "IHOb", but wouldn't reveal what the "b" stood for.

Tell Us: Will you be trying one of IHOb's burgers?

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IHOP-erm-IHOb's new Ultimate Steakburgers are made with 100% USDA choice black angus beef.

Williams said he has had several people call to ask whether the name would be changed, but overall the rollout has been, "so far so good". "The highlight of my day was seeing Burger King change its Twitter name to Pancake King", one fan said. (We all promptly fell in love.) In 1973, the company began using the acronym "IHOP", and for 50-ish years, the acronym and the restaurant lived in pancake harmony.

"There are many other brands that are owning the burger space, ' said Allen Adamson, a co-founder of marketing strategy firm Metaforce". Despite its change to serving beef, IHOb's famous pancakes will be sticking around, too. "If you want a burger and beer, you are not going to come to IHOP".

Don't worry, the change isn't permanent, according to the company.

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