Published: Sat, June 02, 2018
Worldwide | By Victor Meyer

Unseen for weeks, Melania Trump tweets she's 'feeling great'

Unseen for weeks, Melania Trump tweets she's 'feeling great'

After about three weeks out of the media spotlight, the U.S. first lady tried to ease anxiety and rapidly spreading speculations about her health as she continued to recover from a kidney condition.

However, Grisham wouldn't say when the news media or the public will be able to see the first lady again.

The Huffington Post pointed out that the phrases "working overtime", "speculating", "working hard" and "on behalf of the American people" feature frequently in the president's tweets.

That was when she accompanied President Trump to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland to greet three just-freed Americans who had been detained in North Korea for more than a year.

The message comes almost three weeks after Trump underwent a medical procedure at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, to treat what a spokesperson called "a benign kidney condition".

A Twitter "detective" claims to have found a cry for help in First Lady Melania Trump's tweet addressing her disappearance from public view and insisting she is fine.

On Friday, the president tried to assure reporters that his wife was doing fine.

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'There's no guidebook to being first lady.

"Work hard, get in the game, play to win and, most of all, have a good time", the president told the youngsters. Has she moved back to New York City?

Her absence prompted outlandish theories about where she was and what she was doing.

Twenty-four hours before he takes the oath of office as the 45th U.S. president, Trump arrived in Washington on Thursday, determined to transform American politics over the next four years. "Reporters turned to look at the spot he indicated, but there was no sign of the First Lady".

Melania Trump has also not been present for several other White House events that first ladies usually attend. "How does 1500 children go missing, and how is it no one has seen the First Lady of the United States in over 3 weeks?" asked tweeter Christopher Bouzy. "She seems to be recovering well", he said, though he offered no further details.

The first lady was last seen on May 10, according to a report by InStyle.

Trump may yet appear publicly over the next few days and she has remained occupied figuring out details for two White House events coming up on the calendar: the annual Congressional Picnic in June and July 4 events.

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