Published: Tue, May 29, 2018
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Service dog gives birth to puppies at Tampa airport

Service dog gives birth to puppies at Tampa airport

It was an exciting day at Tampa's airport as a service dog went into labor.

The puppies' father, Nugget, looked on during the birth.

Photos and a video of the incident were uploaded on the fire department's Twitter page under the hashtag "AirportPuppies".

Due to the unexpected birth, the woman and her daughter missed their flight.

Personnel with the Tampa Fire Rescue, which documented the birth on Twitter, helped Elle to deliver her puppies.

This is not something you expect to see when going to the airport. Eleanor Rigby, a golden retriever service dog, was about to board a plane to...

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Ellie the service dog was accompanying a passenger en route to Philadelphia when her litter decided it was time to make its entrance into the world, reports Daily Mail.

It was hard to control the father of the puppies during the delivery.

An airport spokesperson told Fox 35 that a woman and her daughter were flying from Tampa to Philadelphia.

Finally, they all made their way into the world, one by one, and got cleaned up on a black and green blanket, before they could snuggle up to their mom.

The puppies aren't allowed to fly for another eight weeks so Van Atter said she will drive home with them.

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