Published: Tue, May 29, 2018
Medical | By Josefina Yates

Scientists Say You Should Sleep in Past Noon on the Weekends

Scientists Say You Should Sleep in Past Noon on the Weekends

"In conclusion, short, but not long, weekend sleep was associated with an increased mortality".

According to the researchers, this means that people who were impaired from chronic sleep restriction were unaware of any impairment.

The mortality rate among participants with short sleep during weekdays, but long sleep during weekends, did not differ from the rate of the reference group.

"The duration of sleep is important for longevity", said Thorbjorn Akersted of the Stress Research Institute in Sweden, quoted by The Guardian.

This study follows previous research, including another sleep study that found that weekend sleep can compensate for missed weekday sleep. Weekend snoozers, the data showed, live just as long as those who slept enough during the week.

Sleeping in saves lives
Scientists Say You Should Sleep in Past Noon on the Weekends

However, those who slept five hours or less and then slept in on the weekends, did not have a different mortality rate than normal sleepers.

The study found that for people 65 and under, weekend sleep could make up for deficits of sleep accrued during the week. He was not involved in the new study.

Scientists in the Journal of Sleep Research conducted a study on the sleep patterns of adults.

"What happens is, if you are well-rested, your sleep drive will be low in the morning, and it builds and builds over the day, when at night you need to go to bed to relieve that pressure for sleep".

After a week of early starts, most people look forward to having a long lie-in on the weekend and it turns out that by doing so we're actually prolonging our life. People in their late teens and 20s slept on average for seven hours a night during the week but 8.5 hours on days off. That, Dr Akerstedt said, was perhaps because older individuals got the sleep they needed.

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