Published: Mon, May 28, 2018
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Tropical cyclone Mekunu unlikely to reach UAE

Tropical cyclone Mekunu unlikely to reach UAE

The cyclone also caused large rainfalls in Taqah, which recorded 275 mm, while Mirbat received 221 mm, Rakhyoot had 214 mm, Thumrait recorded 196 mm, and Sadah received 180 mm.

Oman news agency reported today that the cyclone has retreated enough to allow air traffic to resume in accordance to worldwide safety standards. RAFO also transferred the communication equipment to Dhofar in order to support and assure the availability of satellite communication during the period of the cyclone.

Authorities have said two bodies were recovered from the hard-hit island while 30 people remain missing there. As a result, beginning may 26, the storm has already killed at least 6 and lost more than 40 people, including foreigners.

The cyclone killed around seven people on the Yemeni island of Socotra on Friday.

Water from the rain and storm-surges flooded normally dry creek beds.

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Tropical cyclone "Mekunu" is unlikely to reach the UAE, but the eastern and southern parts of the country might be affected by a moist air mass, according to the medium-range forecast issued by the National Centre of Meteorology, NCM.

Across Salalah, branches and leaves littered the streets. The city is partially de-energized electrical trying to fix power lines. Several underpasses became standing lakes and cars were left abandoned on the road. Yemen's fisheries minister Fahad Kafin said the cyclone has caused heavy damage in the area.

Oman's Public Authority for Civil Aviation stated that the nation's Marmul Airport will reopen Sunday after being closed since Thursday, as officials assess widespread damage in the country.

The Port of Salalah - a key gateway for the country and for Qatar amid a regional diplomatic dispute - remained closed, its cranes secured against the pounding rain and winds. In nearby Wadi Darbat, the storm's rains supercharged its famous waterfall.

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