Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Research | By Clarence Powell

Microsoft reveals Surface Hub 2, its all-new interactive whiteboard

Microsoft reveals Surface Hub 2, its all-new interactive whiteboard

The new device will be tested with select commercial customers before being made available for purchase in 2019. Seeing four of the attractive Surface Hub 2s lined up together has undeniable visual effect and will have a profound impact on what groups can accomplish together, allowing users to display multiple pieces of content side-by-side.

I could try to describe Microsoft's upcoming Surface Hub 2 - a scalable, 4K, 50.5-inch touchscreen display, videowall collaboration conferencing system that you can roll around, but I bet you already yawned halfway through that sentence. Even with this much sleeker look, it still contains speakers, a far-field microphone array, and a camera. Up to four of them can be "tiled", side-by-side (in portrait or landscape), with a different app or service running on each panel (as shown in Microsoft's video clip of the device, which is embedded in my post, below). It will allow businesses to get more mileage out of their Surface Hub 2 for sure.

Microsoft didn't talk about the internals of the device, although it's safe to assume that it's been upgraded from the current generations 4th-gen Intel "Haswell" processors.

Microsoft's Surface team is obsessed with hinges.

More information on Surface Hub 2 full specs, price range, and a release date is expected by 2019.

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It's a departure for the Surface Hub product line.

The Surface Hub 2 won't be battery-powered, though Microsoft's not saying exactly what technology will power it. Pricing too, is yet been revealed, but Microsoft promises this is coming "soon". Companies can line up four Surface Hub 2s together to get an incredibly handsome experience across all the Surface Hub 2s.

Surface Hub created an entirely new device category and the software giant is taking the experience to the next level with the latest model.

Though the Hub 2 will run Microsoft's Whiteboard and Skype apps, as the first Surface Hub did, Teams will be the centerpiece of the new Surface Hub 2. An intriguing aspect about this collaborative digital whiteboard is that it is now able to rotate from landscape to portrait mode. With this in mind, we did learn two specific things about the display that sets the Surface Hub 2 apart. Multiple users will be able to authenticate in a single workspace, enabling them to simultaneously access, collaborate on and save a single shared document stored in the cloud.

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