Published: Mon, May 14, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

God gave you a gift - your mother

God gave you a gift - your mother

With that knowledge, Jarvis' mother formed mothers clubs all over West Virginia and encouraged them to treat northern and southern soldiers the same because it "wasn't their fault they were fighting in the war".

Today, Mother's Day, we give respect and love to all who serve in the role of mother everywhere.

Have a hilarious Mother's Day!

So today we have recognition for all mothers on Mother's Day.

In Taiwan, Mother's Day is very important because it coincides with Buddha's birthday celebration which is the second Sunday of May.

A happy ending for Jarvis and her new holiday?

The list can go on so why can't we celebrate Mother's Day a couple of times a year? Thank you so much for everything mummy. It's not just the corny "I've never felt this kind of love" thing which, obviously, is true.

"My mom means the world to me". No one can understand the sacrifices you've made but I do and for that I'm forever grateful!

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But on this Mother's Day, make sure the moms, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, step-mothers, mothers-in-law - all of those ladies who have nurtured, inspired and supported us - know how much we appreciate all they do. If there's an issue with the kids, he hears about it but the details of our kids' lives get filtered through me. On the day of her burial, the Andrews Methodist Church bells in Grafton tolled 84 times.

One person who is responsible for my success is my nanny who raised me, loved me and took best care of me all my life.

Millie's though for today; "your Mother is always with you". Her mother took a sip of it and said, "Wow, I didn't even know you knew how to make tea!"

This week I read a piece by writer Mikkee Hall, a 41-year-old single woman who said, "I've lived all around the USA and traveled the world". Some of us aren't lucky enough to still have our mothers around.

Hold these quotes in your heart and you will never be lost. You may not be my biological mother but you are not less than my mother only an incredible woman could have done that.

Still, it may not matter what you buy your mom for the holiday, as 40 percent of moms surveyed said they faked a positive reaction to their gifts, according to The Washington Post. In return, the expectant mother of anything loves her child with selflessness and seeks God's favour only for his goodness and prosperity. With 5 children to look after she still managed to keep her family life beautifully together.

'Whenever I was down, you were always there to comfort me. I hope you are surrounded by love and peace! This is the easiest way to put a smile on her face. "By the way, I honestly think she would rather have me gift her a saree than speak so sentimentally about her!" A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. Nannies happen to know the children's characters more than their biological parents do.

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