Published: Sun, May 13, 2018
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Oklahoma governor signs law allowing adoption agencies to ban same-sex couples

Oklahoma governor signs law allowing adoption agencies to ban same-sex couples

The NRA issued a statement in Washington blasting Fallin for what it was going back on her commitment to support such a gun carry law when she ran for re-election in 2014.

Fallin added that the invoice "eliminates the present capacity of Oklahoma regulation enforcement to tell apart between these carrying weapons who've been skilled and vetted, and people who haven't", echoing an argument that many lawmakers who opposed the mandate, equivalent to Democratic state Rep. Shane Stone, made whereas the invoice was debated.

The measure passed the Senate by a vote of 33-9 and passed the House by a vote of 59-28.

"Republican voters believe in the Second Amendment and they believe they should be able to exercise that right with as little interference from the government as possible", Worthen said.

"In a day and time when diversity is becoming a core value to society because it will lead to more options, we should recognize its value for serving Oklahoma also because it leads to more options for loving homes to serve Oklahoma children". On the time, some lawmakers anticipated Fallin to go the laws, whereas the invoice's writer, Republican Sen.

To date, seven states have passed laws allowing faith-based placement centers to refuse services to same-sex couples: Alabama, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Virginia. Josh Stickney, Administrative Associate at Equality Federation, is an adoptee & has lived in Oklahoma his entire life stated, "I'm extremely disappointed that our state has chose to fund discrimination in our foster care & adoption agencies".

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The mandate is "anti-safety and anti-law enforcement" and "too far out there", Stone previously told Fox News.

When the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality in 2015, faith-based adoption and foster care agencies in localities like California, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C. closed their doors to avoid having to place children in LGBTQ households. There are children in the Oklahoma child welfare system in desperate need of loving families.

Oklahoma Senate Bill 1140 allows agencies to deny adoptions and foster care placements if a given placement violates an agency's "written religious or moral convictions or policies".

Kansas's governor has a similar anti-LGBTQ adoption bill waiting on his desk. With this action, Oklahoma has the negative distinction of being the only state [s] to sign an anti-LGBTQ bill into law this year. "The Oklahoma legislature has played politics with their state's most vulnerable kids".

Freedom Oklahoma Executive Director Troy Stevenson said in a statement that his group plans to sue, telling Fallin in a statement: "We'll see you in court!"

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